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  1. Copy URL button
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    Copy URL button add a special button to quickly copy the URL of a WordPress page. The 'Copy URL button' adds a shortcode and a template tag that developers can use to embed an "URL" button which when pushed allows the user easy access to the page's URL. This button is available in two sizes: normal and small. Usage instructions ...
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    Propagator is written in PHP 5 allows you to copy a tag with the given ID attribute in an HTML page on any other HTML pages in the same directory and its subdirectories. It can be used for example to incorporate the Analytics code on all pages of a site built from files stored locally.If the site is powered by ...
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    Sync DB Content is meant to synchronize two MySQL database copies. Sync DB Content queries a source database to determine which rows were updated since a given date and generates a text file that contains SQL queries for updating the target database to synchronize its contents.
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    File Copy will display a form to let the user choose the source and target directories in which the files or folders should be copied.File Copy can copy the selected files to a given destination directory, recreating sub-directories if necessary to preserve the relative paths of the source files.Optionally File Copy can remove comments and obfuscate the PHP files that ...
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    Threader uses the PHP proc_open function to run a given PHP script by starting a new copy of the PHP CLI version. Threader can also pass environment variables to a running script and retrieve the generated output. Requirements: PHP 5 or higher
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    Cpanel Backup allows trasferring the backup data via SCP (Secure Shell Copy) as alternative to regular FTP. The remote destination directory for the backup file can also be specified. Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    When a file is opened for writing, exclusive locks are put in place to avoid simultaneous access to the file from other scripts. File Writer can also create backup copies of the files before opening for changing them. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Several types of file and directory manipulation operations can be performed in Aboyon File Management. Key Features of Aboyon File Management:- Check whether if a path corresponds to a file- Retrieve file information like the file base name, file name extension and file size- Copy a file to a given directory- Delete a file- Change file permissions- Rename a file- ...
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    webadmin.php is a simple Web-based file manager that is useful for applying changes to a Web account quickly and without FTP access. webadmin.php can show, create, delete, and move files and directories, copy, edit and upload files, help to manage htaccess and htpasswd, and change permissions of files and folders. webadmin.php only consists of one file, and has multi-language support.
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    Supported actions of jFileDir include create, remove and empty directories, read directory contents, copy and delete files.
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    Several types of file manipulation operations, such as handling uploaded files, serving files for downloading, renaming, deleting, copying and moving, can be performed.
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    A file can also be copied from another server to your own.Key Features of My Easy Copy:- You can change the file's original name into a new name (random numbers & letters)- You can select the folder that's the file will be uploaded into- Show the time used to copy the file- Show the file size
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    Several types of operations can be performed on files and directories.Key Features of File Manager System:- List and retrieve information of files and sub-directories of a given directory sorted by several types of parameters- Remove files and directories from a list- Search for files and directories by name- Create, rename and delete directories- Create, rename, move, copy, delete, upload and ...
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    File Manager is a web-based GUI for browsing file structures. It can be used to manage and share files with other users in a web-based environment. Features of File Manager:- Admin interface- User permissions- User groups- Upload and delete files and folders through the GUI- Documentation
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    FTP Folder Copy or Delete can traverse a given directory recursively and copy all its files sub-directories to a given directory on an FTP server. The original permissions are also set on the files and directories on the FTP server.A specified FTP directory can also be recursively traversed and removed, including its sub-directories.Requirements:PHP 4.1.0 or higher
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