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    Cookie session stores session variables in a persistent cookie, so when the user returns to the site after the session has expired, the session variables may be reloaded from the cookie, as if the continues the navigating in the site using the same session.For instance, if you use a session to store information about the data that a user entered ...
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    Tapps is an advanced PHP poll system.Features of Tapps: - single and multiple answers possible, - optional referer check, - optional IP locking, - optional cookie check (including an option to force the user to accept the cookie),- optional email confirmation, - database backend,- paranoiac user input validation, - a nice admin interface.
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    Cookies Text Counter is a simple PHP script that allows you to display a text counter using cookies on your Web page.
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    Cookies Graph Counter is a PHP-based visitor counter script using cookies. It uses the GD library to create a gif graph counter on your Web page.
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    This PHP script displays an image counter using cookies on your Web page. Cookies Digits Counter uses individual digit images, and does not require any special library.
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