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    The cart items are stored in a MySQL database table so that the items are not lost after the session ends. The cart items are associated to a session identifier that can be stored in a persistent cookie to allow recovering the cart items later.Shopping Cart can add items to a cart, check if the item was already added, update ...
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    Shop Cart can perform several types of operations like adding and removing items from the cart, empty the cart, get the cart items list, etc..The cart contents can be saved to either a session variable or cookie.Requirements:PHP 5.0 or higher
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    cHTTP can be used to send HTTP GET and POST requests to an HTTP server.Functions of cHTTP:- Download data from the HTTP server using the GET or POST methods- Add form fields values to POST requests- Get and set cookies- Set the request referer URLThe cHTTPMultiPart class extends cHTTP to make it possible to upload fields through multipart/form-data parts.
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    Easy PHP Validation provides functions to fetch session, cookie, POST or GET form request values, as well other functions to perform several types of validation.Currently Easy PHP Validation can validate a value as an e-mail address, a number, alphanumeric test, a date, state code with two characters, IP address, HTTP URL, check whether a value is defined, check the length ...
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    DRBCounter is a simple PHP hit counter script that doesn't require a database. It allows you to put a text-based hit counter on virtually any page on your web site. You may customize the colors and fonts using standard CSS styles. Data is stored in flat files, therefore no database is required. Cookies are used to prevent duplicate hits. DRBCounter ...
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    Session in Cookies implements a session handler that store session data in cookies. The cookie data is encrypted with a secret server side key to prevent sniffers from see its contents.Session in Cookies buffers the page contents to be able to send the headers of new session cookie values before the page contents are served.
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    Simple CURL Wrapper is a wrapper around the CURL extension functions to submit HTTP requests to remote Web sites. It can submit HTTP HEAD, GET and POST requests and return the server response bodies.Simple CURL Wrapper also creates a temporary file to collect cookies, so you can perform multiple requests sending back the cookie values to the servers that have ...
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    Jack's Session class can be used to manage user access session information storing and retrieving in from a SQL database. It can start a new sessions creating the respective database records, if the session identified cookie does not exist or the session is expired.Jack's Session class can also terminate a session deleting its database records, set the session expiry time, ...
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    clsCookie is meant to pass multiple values between pages using encrypted cookies.Functions of clsCookie:- Create a cookie object in memory- Load the values of a cookie sent back by the browser into the cookie object in memory- Assign multiple values to the cookie object in memory. Multiple cookie values are sent to the browser at once with names with array ...
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    Perfect Authentication Class is meant to authenticate users and store authentication session identifiers in cookies. It is also capable of managing the list of authorized users in a file stored in the server.The authentication identifier contains an hash value that is stored in user computer by the means of cookies. The hash value is also stored on a temporary file ...
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    Cookie Objects Class was designed to store and retrieve objects made of composite data items of a custom type in cookies. The information is stored like a bidimensional array of n objects of m items. This classe can be used in applications based on shopping carts.Cookie Objects Class provides means to:- Add new objects- Add new items to each object- ...
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    Cookie preferences is meant to store and retrieve preference values of an user of a site using cookies. It can be used to store any kind of site user access context value, not only site usage preferences, but also other things like items added by an anonymous user to a shopping cart.The preferences values are stored in an obfuscated format ...
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    dBrowser consists of several classes that emulate a browser and can be used to extract contents from remote sites.The main class is an HTTP client with support for accessing Web pages via HTTP POST and GET method, handling cookies and HTTP 1.1 chunked responses.There are several other classes that use the HTTP client class to access a few public brazilian ...
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    Advanced HTTP Client is a http client class.Advanced HTTP Client supports:- HTTP Proxy with Basic Authenticationmultipart/form-data AND application/x-www-form-urlencoded- GET, HEAD and POST methods- HTTP cookies- Chunked Transfer-Encoding- HTTP 1.0 and 1.1 protocols- Keep-Alive Connections- Basic WWW-Authentication
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    Authentication, a simple class, used for implementation of an usual member and administration pages. It uses sessions and cookies if desired. It requires the PEAR DB library and Smarty template system.
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