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    The visit count is stored in a MySQL database table. ShellCont uses cookies to determine whether users are new visitors or the same visitor that already accessed the site pages. The cookie expires after 24 hours.Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higherLimitations: The class code and comments are in Portuguese.
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    Secure Cookie can create a cookie and store data in the cookie encrypting it using a given key. Data can also be retrieved from a cookie, by decrypting it with the same key.Cookies may also be deleted with Secure Cookie.Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    MySessions registers the class as a PHP session handler so all operations to access to session data invoke the class functions. It creates a new record on a given MySQL table when the session is start. Subsequent accesses to the same session data make the class retrieve, update or delete the respective table record.MySessions can handle sessions with or without ...
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    An IP address is only counted once per day, without the need of cookies. A plain text file is used to store the data.Monthly snapshots of the counter can also be saved.
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    The user is password is checked against an array containing all authorized users. If the user exists and the password is correct, it sets two cookies, one for the user and another for the password, to start an authenticated session.Simple Authentication Class may also invalidate the authentication by forcing the user and password cookies to expire.Requirements: PHP 4.1.0 or higher
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    Inspired by Perl's CGI module, this set of classes aims to separate the namespaces of GET, POST, and Cookie variables, and to provide a few nice methods as well for doing things like transforming and parsing "search engine friendly" links.
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    Cookie Jar should be used to handle cookies (storing cookies from HTTP response messages, and sending out cookies in HTTP request messages).Cookie Jar is mainly based on Cookies.pm lib/HTTP/Cookies.pm> from the libwww-perl collection. Unlike Cookies.pm, this class only supports the Netscape cookie spec, not RFC 2965.
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    PHP Cookie Class can be used to manipulate HTTP request cookie values. It can wrap the setting of cookie properties like the name, value, expiry date and path restriction.Once the cookie properties are set, PHP Cookie Class can issue the cookie header. PHP Cookie Class can also extract cookie values set for the current request.
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    Encode Cookie is meant to store and retrieve information in cookies securely by using secret encryption key.
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    Cellophane can be used as a wrapper to manipulate the values of site cookies.The base class cookieBase can be used directly to access and manipulate the contents of cookies. It can be extended to allow storage of data types other than strings in cookies within the limits of size of the cookies.There is also one sub-class named cookieArray, which makes ...
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    HTTP Request can gather information about the HTTP request that triggered the execution of the current PHP script.HTTP Request can gather information about the request parameters, path, URL, GET and POST parameters, cookies, the remote user IP address, character sets supported by the user browser.The data received via _GET, _POST or _COOKIE is fixed to escape the eventual magic quote ...
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    Cookie Handler Class can be used to store and retrieve serialized variables in cookies. It can take an array of values and store its serialized representation in a cookie. It can also unserialized a cookie value to retrieve the original array.Cookie Handler Class can handle cookies with non-serialized values, as well destroy cookies by setting their expiry date to the ...
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    The user records table and field names can be configured. PHP User Class is very flexible as it uses variable settings for database tables and fields, as well as session and cookie names.Key Features of PHP User Class:- Create new user records- Activate user accounts- Authenticate users against credentials stored in session variables and cookies- Logout to end the session ...
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    HTTP GET, POST, HEAD or OPTIONS requests can be sent directly via HTTP proxies that might require authentication. It supports cookies and custom headers.The request response may be retrieved all at once or passed to a custom response handler class. It can process the returned headers and cookies. It can also handle request redirection.Requirements:PHP 5.2 or higher
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    Headers and bodies of an HTTP request can be composed and sent to a specified Web server. HTTPSock supports sending and retrieve cookies, and handle gzip compressed responses.Requirements:PHP 5.0 or higher
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