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    UK Cookie Consent is a WordPress plugin for helping UK sites comply to the EU cookie law. Every aspect of the cookie law warning can be customized through the admin interface. The notification is always shown on the top of the site. If the user does not want to agree to the terms, the site won't be blocked, but he ...
  2. Cookillian
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    Cookillian is a WordPress plugin for showing cookie notifications for EU users, complying with the new EU Cookie Directive. It uses a system that analyzes the user's IP and detects if he's from the EU (or a certain country) and displays the notification. Features of Cookillian:- Alerts based on the visitor IP address and country- Automatic alerts- Manually display alerts ...
  3. Rememberme
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    Rememberme is a PHP script for creating secure cookies for implementing "Remember Me" functionality. The script is very small in size and follows industry security standards. It can protect the user by invalidating all login cookies when the user's PC or the login cookie is stolen. And it will also prevent attackers that stole the database of login tokens by ...
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    PHP Parameters List can be used to store and retrieve persistent session values that can be recovered even after sessions expire.PHP Parameters List uses PHP sessions to store the values while the user navigates in the site. It uses cookies to store the values for specified period of time (10 days by default), so that those values can be recovered ...
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    SiteCookie easily handles multiple cookies for a site in one browser cookie.
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    HTTP requests are sent directly or via proxy servers, securely using or not SSL, setting the referrer URL, cookies, custom headers, etc., all configurable options. Requirements: PHP 5 or higher
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    HTTP CURL has options for setting cookies, proxies or user agent of the POST and GET requests. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Session Cookie Class can set values for a group of variables and store an encrypted version in an cookie with a given name. The script can also handle decrypting the cookie and retrieving the original values. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Cookies set by Google Analytics are retrieved and several types of values are extracted with Google Analytics Cookie Parser.Currently, Google Analytics Cookie Parser returns the campaign source, campaign name, campaign medium, campaign content, campaign term, date of first visit, date of previous visit, date of current visit and times visited.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    HTTP request cookie header values can be parsed and several types of operations can be performed.Key Features of HTTP Cookie:- Checking if the cookie has expired given its expiry date- Rebuild cookies request header from an array of cookies- Save or load the list of cookies from a fileRequirements: - PHP 4.0.4 or higher
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    The number of failed login attempts for a user with a particular IP address, is stored into a MySQL database with Log Limiter.When the number of failed login attempts exceeded a given limit, the class sets a cookie that is used to determine that the user is blocked while the cookie does not expire.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    A HTML form can be generated with JavaScript and submitted when the page gets loaded. jsCheck can set cookies or session variables to avoid the need to generate the form to check again if the browser has Javascript enabled. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Cookie Management Class can perform several actions on cookies like retrieving cookie values, set cookie properties like name, value, domain, expiry date, and destroy a cookie. The data stored in cookies can also be encrypted and decrypted upon retrieval. Requirements: PHP 5 or higher
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    Security authorization can start a session and store a variable with a value that is also encrypted and set to a cookie. If the cookie has expired or the decrypted cookie value different than the session variable value, the session is destroyed and the user is redirected to an authentication page. The cookie can be regenerated and verified for every ...
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    php easy :: admin login scripts set contains 3 ready-to-use admin login scripts using 3 different authentication methods: - HTTP Authentication; - Cookies; - Sessions. All the three provide the same security level and do not require any DB. Minor differences: - in cookie version you can also specify the number of days to keep your cookie alive while in ...
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