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    rs2csv can be used to convert a result set which has been generated by PHP's built-in MySQL functions to a comma separated values (CSV) file.
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    Convert Miladi to Shamsi is a simple class that convert dates between the Miladi (Gregorian) to the Shamsi (Jalali) calendars.
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    Class to handle string that needs to be converted to some format.
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    Text files are a common means to store data that many application still use, like for instance log files or tabular data files.This class is meant to convert tabular text data or files into arrays.After converting the data into an array, it is easier to manipulate or convert to other formats, such as inserting into databases or generating reports.
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    baa2words converts a currency amount to words for printing on cheques etc..
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    Arabic and Roman Numeral Convertor can validate and convert numbers between the Arabic format used nowadays by everebody and the representation format used in the Roman empire days.
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    Currency Converter classes can convert money amountsfrom one currency to another.Currency Converter classes takes a given money amount and the origin and conversion currency code and then it retrieves converted amount by connecting to the XE.com site.
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