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    Hex2Bin makes a conversion of hex numbers into binary strings.
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    Active URL is meant for manipulating URLs and anchor tags in HTML code and text strings.Functions of Active URL:- Process text strings to detect HTTP, HTTPS and FTP URLs and convert them into HTML links- Remove any links from HTML code- Validate text strings to determine whether they contain valid URLs- Append additional parameters to URLs of links in HTML ...
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    Database conversion is meant to process SQL code with syntax that is specific to certain databases and convert it to SQL code that is database neutral.The goal of Database conversion is to help avoiding the use of SQL code that is not compatible with all the supported databases.Currently Database conversion supports converting SQL code specific to Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL ...
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    Powerful class for converting values between different units, such as weight, volume, currency, etc..
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    conv.class can convert a string or a number format into a currency format. It also can convert an MySQL date format into German date format and vice-versa.
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    wordDocumentHandler can be used to convert a Microsoft Word document to HTML, RTF or plain text using COM objects. The input document formats can be Microsoft Word DOC, RTF and plain text.wordDocumentHandler can also clean the generated HTML to remove unnecessary markup that Microsoft Word adds. Of course, you need MsWord installed on the server, and Windows OS.It doesn't works ...
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    MS files converter converts any document, that can be read by MS Word, to another format supported by Word.Converts extensions from/to: doc,dot,txt,rtf,htm,html,asc,wri,wps... It is designed only for Windows as it uses COM.
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    This Math Script containing only one function numconv($systemin, $systemout, $number, $length). With this function you can convert a value from one number system to another. For example hexadecimal to decimal or octal to binary or five-system to six-system. Any combination is possible.
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    Convert HTML files to PHP program. Use this to convert all your HTML files to powerful programming in PHP. Very useful for embedding vast number of HTML files into your PHP classes or programs using function call include(), require(), include_once() or require_once().See also functions include(), include_once() which can include the HTML files (like include("sample.html")
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    Converting images between formats may be useful for Web applications because each image format has advantages and disadvantages depending on the applications purpose.With JPEG you can reduce the quality to limit the file size. With GIF you can make it transparent or generate animations. With PNG you can avoid GIF color model restrictions. With SWF you can protect your image ...
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    Currency Display & Convert are classes that allow youto perform Currency conversion and display according to national formats.Display and Conversion are decoupled to ease customisation and reusability.
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    This is a PHP class that you can use to convert between utf-8, windows, iso, dos, ibm, mac charsets. It's very useful with databases, text procesing, especially when you have many people on different computers and different operating systems working on the same web site.
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    dbfConverter is a PHP script that reads data from dbase files (dbf,dbt,fpt) and convert them into the mysql or postgres tables. Initially, it create sql tables & insert data, and then updates old data. It does not support index files converting jet. Configurable Feautures of dbf Converter: - join 2 or more dbf files in one mysql table, - add ...
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    binary-to-text (and back) converter is a simple, just for fun"program that lets you insert text into a form and convert the characters to their binary equivalent (e.g. 01100001) and back again.
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    Punchcard Coder is a PHP script that can convert a string into a Punchcard.
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