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    Ban Control is a simple solution to control your bans of your website. This script looks into the database for a ip number, when it has a record the script will show a message to the banned user (you can fill in what to show). After that the script will readirect that user to a website (You decide which one). ...
  2. MEMQ
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    MEMQ is a PHP fast queue management solution, which can be used to create fast queues that scale accordingly. The script relies on memcached to be installed, since it uses it as its data store environment. Meanwhile, MEMQ is a perfect queue control system for medium busy applications.
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    Image Hotlink Log and Control is a collection of PHP scripts which allows you to easily log and control hotlinking of images on your Apache hosted web site. Checking who is linking your images and how much bandwidth they are leeching. You can also control what happens to individual hotlinkers - you can block images, substitute images, or best of ...
  4. Httpful
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    Httpful is a PHP script for manipulating HTTP requests. It is lightweight and perfect for smaller projects, where quick fixes need to be made, without full HTTP client control. It practically let's the developer focus on interacting with APIs instead of sifting through curl set_opt pages and is an ideal PHP REST client. Features of Httpful:- Readable HTTP Method Support ...
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    Version Control is meant to manage archives of successive revisions of text content articles stored in a database. It enables version control of the articles in similar way to what the CVS program provides. It is capable of storing in a separate database table all the versions of content articles that are stored in other tables.This version control package makes ...
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