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    Contact Grabber will fetch the contacts of the selected site for the given username and password. Yahoo, Gmail & MSN Messenger classes have been incorporated as they are available under GPL.AOL & Lycos have been incorporated as they were also available under GPL. New classes for LinkedIn & Lycos have been integrated.
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    Yes, there are already dozens of contact forms on the net. Sadly, most of them either lack decent features or have huge security holes. Not this one. This is the one I give my clients. YACF - Yet Another Contact Form supports an unlimited number of subjects and can send the email to different addresses based on the subject they ...
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    Mini Me Contact Form v3.3, is a simple and easy to install script that will let your users enter their name and email address and provide an easy way for your customers or clients to provide you with feedback. Mini Me Contact Form is easy to configure and edit. Mini Me Contact Form will also email your client with a ...
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    Provided by: American Financing AFC Simpli Easy Form was created for the beginner programmer who would like to have a simple contact form on their website that will send the owner the persons name, email, phone number and includes a state drop down list, plus more.The form includes email validation and will display the error on the form should the ...
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    Grab Yahoo can be used to grab the contact lists of an Yahoo user. It can authenticate in Yahoo with the user name and password of a given account. Then it can retrieve the contact lists from either the address book or the messenger friends. The retrieved contact lists are parsed and returned as arrays.
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    PHP Contact Form script to create a web page contact form, validate sender's e-mail address, check against e-mail injection attacks, and mail feedback to a specific addressee, without exposing that person's e-mail address to web-crawling spambots. Released under the terms of the GNU General Public License
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    Miranda IM Database Reader can be used to parse a settings file of a Miranda IM user. It can retrieve several types of information including the list of user contacts and the chat history.
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    Free Gmail Contacts Importer Script is the gmail address book importer script from the original developer, now for free. The package includes invitation script similar to the demo on the author's website. Works well with both php5 and php4 on linux, windows, mac etc. with PHP and cURL installed. This script is completely separate and DOES NOT include functionality to ...
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    Online Contact Sheet Creator is a free tool you can use to generate clean and professional online contact sheets in just seconds. Great for professional photographers and graphic designers. The final contact sheet can then be uploaded as a simple HTML file plus graphics to any web host to be viewed by clients or friends and family. Online Contact Sheet ...
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    Contact Form Killer is a nice little tool you can add to your web site to easily generate contact forms with all that messy form validation already taken care of for you. You can also let your site visitors use the tool to create forms themselves. It's super easy to use, just select what inputs you would like, and Contact ...
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    MSN Contact list Grabber can grab the list of contacts of a MSN Messenger user.It can connect to a MSN Messenger server logging as an user with the given credentials to retrieve the identity of the users in the list of contacts.
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    pPIM is a personal information manager that can store contacts and their photos, events in a calendar, links, notes, send emails, check emails from unlimited email accounts, and upload files. A Must have, very user friendly, easy to install, and a great user interface to look like Windows Longhorn Contacts manager. Stores info in flat files so it does not ...
  13. Max Contact Form
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    Do you want visitors to be able to contact you, but don't want to display your email address all over your website -- to be easily picked up by spammers harvesting email addresses from websites?The Max Contact system completely and effectively hides your email address. But that's not the only thing it does. It has a place for Nature of ...
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    PhpSiteMail2 is an update to PhpSiteMail, a simple to use contact mail form for your website. Designed as a stand alone form, includes it's own theme, full error checking to prevent blank fields and flase email addresses, and records senders IP.
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    SXD Contact will take user input via a form and email it to you. Uses a domain check to make sure form is being submitted from your domain. Also email validation and stamps each meassage with the senders remote host variable. Easily customizable to integrate into your website.
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