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  1. Easy Contact-Form
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    Easy Contact-Form is a simple PHP contact form which can be easily embedded in any page for allowing users to get in touch via email. Extremely easy to setup, will be running in a few minutes. Of course, the form's skin is customizable via CSS/HTML. Requirements:- PHP's mail() function enabled
  2. Fast Secure Contact Form
    608 total visits
    Fast Secure Contact Form is a free Contact Form PHP script which allows a users to easilly created and add contact forms to a web page. The form will let the user send emails to a site's admin. An adminstration panel is present, where the user can create and preview his forms. Features of Fast Secure Contact Form:- Super easy ...
  3. Build Form script
    476 total visits
    This script can generate custom contact forms to edit MySQL table records.It can compose and output a HTML form by adding input of all basic input types like submit, text, password, hidden, textarea, select, radio, checkbox and file. It can also mark certain inputs as required.The script can also add radio and select inputs on which the options are taken ...
  4. CF Captcha
    244 total visits
    CF Captcha is a Simple PHP Anti-Spam Captcha Script based on PHP/GD, to help prevent web robot from flooding your Comments, Guestbooks, Contact forms or any other online application susceptible to spam.One of the main Features of this script is that it alternates between a simple math problems (Additions, subtraction and multiplication sums) and a random spring of characters.Requrements:- PHP ...
  5. No Screenshot
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    This is a very simple PHP web contact form. It can be included in any page, allowing users to send out feedback to a website's owner.It comes packaged withall the functions needed to actually take the submitted data and send it to a website's email contact address.
  6. No Screenshot
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    Safe email creates an bot safe e-mail address for contact form, by masking the real email address, this script protects its owner from unwanted bot page scans and automatic spam receiving. It takes the e-mail user name, host name and top level domain name and creates a string with the e-mail address replaced the @ character by the at text. ...
  7. Mailer
    578 total visits
    Mailer is a contact form to send an email to users of your site. It's easy to integrated to your site.
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