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    Boris is a REPL system for PHP. It stands for "read–eval–print loop" and is a simple, interactive computer programming environment, mainly for debugging. It's a stable feature in most programming languages, starting from Lisp and going up to Python, Clojure or Ruby. But not in PHP. Boris implements such a system for PHP, enhancing PHP's console with an interactive code ...
  2. Console_app
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    Console_app is a PHP script that can be used to parse and retrieve the values of arguments passed to PHP applications started from a command line shell or DOS. No specific PHP extension is required for this script to work. Features of Console_app:- Parse arguments and extract option values according to a definition of the option switches.- Generate the help ...
  3. PHP Console
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    PHP Console is a Web PHP console to try PHP code. It allows developers to test and debug their PHP code before running it in their project. All of this from a simple browser window. The console uses the Krumo debugging module as its core PHP interpreter. Requirements:- JavaScript enabled on client side What's New in This Version:- Fixed syntax ...
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    Console can assemble control characters that can control aspects of different of formatting the output of text to consoles like background and foreground colors, character positioning, etc.. Formatted text or numbers can also be read from the console input. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    easy_console can process arguments passed from the command line shell and execute them calling functions of a given class. The available commands implemented by the specified class can also be listed.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Multiple console windows can be opened. A specialized class to be used in tracing and debuging php code is provided as well.
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    No specific PHP extension is required for Console App to work.Key Features of Console App:- Parse arguments and extract option values according to a definition of the option switches.- Generate the help screen to explain the options to the users- Display formatted messages to the console with ASCII control sequences to set color, bold, underline, reverse and blink styles.- Read ...
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    Source RCON Class implements a TCP based client that acts as a remote console - RCON - class for sending commands to control game variables of Counter-String Source and other games using a Source Dedicated Server - SRCDS.
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    LDAP 2 LDIF can perform a search query to an LDAP server and export the results in the LDIF format. The class handles the connection to a LDAP server and execute searches the provided the base DN for a given search filter.The result data can be then saved to a file or can be outputted to the current page. The ...
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