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    PHP MySQL class generator can be used to generate classes that wrap rows of MySQL database tables providing an object oriented interface to manipulate the table row data.PHP MySQL class generator generates getter and setter functions to access the table row column values as class variables. It also generates functions to insert, select, update and delete table row data.The generated ...
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    DBInterface can be used a SQL database abstraction layer. It provides a single interface to access several types of SQL databases from the same class. Currently it supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, Interbase and Microsoft SQL server.DBInterface can establish connections to the database server, execute SQL queries, retrieve query results, begin and end transactions, build and execute common types of SQL queries ...
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    MyDBO Code Generator can be used to generate the code of classes to access MySQL database tables. It uses Smarty templates to generate all the code for the classes and other scripts.The generated classes perform the usual database access operations like establishing database connections and executing SELECT, UPDATE, INSERT and delete SQL queries. The templates from which the code is ...
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    MySQLConnection is a package that contains 5 classes to be used to access a MySQL database:- MySQLConnection for establishing MySQL database server connections- Database for querying information about database tables- Table for querying information about individual database tables- Field for querying information about the fields of a database table- RecordSet for executing SQL queries and accessing the data of the ...
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    Connect class is a very simple MySQL database wrapper class. It can establish MySQL database connection using configuration values from given configuration file in the .ini format.Connect class can also execute SQL queries, retrieve the result set row count, retrieve the result set row data, and retrieve the last inserted id.
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    MPdbMySQL class allows you to connect and query MySQL databases with optional verbose debug mode.
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    mysql_connection class is in charge of establishing a connection to the MySQL server. This class is a wrapper of the basic functions like open, close, send sql, send command. It allows personnalized error trapping and can also trap errors for you but in a very gruesome way stopping all execution.mysql_connection class also offers several usefull functions like:- sql_insert_id() which returns ...
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    SunMatDB is actually three classes combined: DB, RS and ROW.The DB class opens a connection to the database, executes queries and takes care of the error handling. The RS class takes care of traversing the actual result set including the prev() and next() methods.The ROW class wraps one row of the result set that is returned from a RS object ...
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    Microsoft SQL Server connection abstract (basic connection ).
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    DBConnect is a MySQL database access wrapper that uses some PHP 5 features to simplify the usual operations. It establishes a connection with a MySQL server in the class constructor function and closes the connection in the destructor function. It also provides functions for executing SQL queries and return a the row object or multiple rows as an array of ...
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    PostgreSQL Database Driver comes with a class that manages connections to a PostgreSQL database server. It comes also with a class to perform SQL queries and retrieve the results.The connection class can executes queries and manage transactions. It can also create, read, write and delete large objects (LOBs).
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    Bouncer Query can establish a TCP/IP connection with a remote server of a given IP address using a bouncer server to relay the connection.Bouncer Query establishes the connection with the bouncer server using the supplied user name and password. Then you can send commands to the remote server using this connection with the bouncer server.
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    SQLCall uses PHP's highly dynamic nature to give the calling class unprecedented access to the result set in an intuitive way.SQLCall currently only supports connections to mySQL databases.This class is perfect for those who like their results at hand - no hashes or lists to have to walk through.
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    PGSQL_Connection is one class to 'select, insert, update and delete' registers from PostgreSQL databases. It have functions to create log files and other operations.Important: PGSQL_Connection works with PGSQL_Login class.
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    URL TS is a simple class that can be used to check whether a page with a given URL exists. The class establishes a connection to the server of the given URL and sends an HTTP HEAD request.If successful the class can determine whether it returns the HTTP response code. The code 200 means the page exists. The code of ...
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