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    class mysql is a wrapper to access MySQL databases.class mysql provides functions for opening and closing connections to a MySQL server, list databases, tables and table fields, execute SQL insert, update delete and select queries and retrieve the result set data into arrays, dump database data to a file.
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    Jack's MySQL class is wrapper to access MySQL databases.Jack's MySQL class can establish MySQL database connections, execute queries, retrieve query result metadata, escape text values, execute INSERT and UPDATE queries from an array of fields and values.
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    Simple MySQL Class is a simple MySQL database access wrapper.It can establish MySQL database connections, execute queries, traverse SELECT queries results using a separate result set class, retrieve the last inserted table identifier value, retrieve the result of a query that returns a single row or a single value and switch to a different database using the same connection.
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    Interbase with error logging is an Interbase database access wrapper. It can establish and close database connections and execute SQL queries.Interbase with error logging can log connection errors to a text file and query execution errors in special table named buglog. The SQL code for creating this table is provided with this class package.
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    cPanel API can be used to list and manage details of cPanel hosting accounts.cPanel API can establish a secure connection to a cPanel server and enumerate, create and remove email and FTP accounts, domains, email forwarders and auto-responders, and databases, as well as change passwords, quotas, and cPanel settings.
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    ODBC Conn is a wrapper to access databases using the ODBC API.Functions of ODBC Conn:- Establish connections- Prepare and execute SQL queries and retrieve the results into arrays- Manage transactions- Insert or update table rows using an array of field values- Delete table rows that match a given condition- Drop tables
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    Database Connection Classes implements an abstraction of the access to SQL databases.Database Connection Classes provides an abstract interface for establishing connections, executing SQL queries, managing transactions, retrieving the last inserted table key.There is also a result set interface class for traversing and retrieving result set rows. Currently there is only one implementation class for access MySQL databases.
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    13 in a dozen db class can be used to access MySQL database servers and display query results in HTML tables.13 in a dozen db class can establish database connections to a given MySQL host, retrieve server database information, execute SQL queries, retrieve the inserted identifier by the last INSERT query, get the number of effected rows by a query, ...
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    RG-MySQL is a MySQL database access wrapper.RG-MySQL can establish database connections to a given MySQL server host, execute SQL queries, retrieve the number of result set rows, fetch query results row by row as associative arrays or all rows at once, and retrieve the last inserted identifier value for SQL INSERT queries to tables with auto-increment fields.
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    DBConnections can be used to manipulate the records of a MySQL database table.DBConnections can establish a connection to a given MySQL database server and execute several types of operations to manipulate the records of a table like retrieving the records data, insert new records, and update or delete existing record.
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    Easy Connect to MySQL is a very simple class that can be used to connect to a MySQL database and execute a SQL SELECT query.It consists of a single function that does everything at once: connects to a given MySQL database, executes a given SELECT query and returns the query results in a bi-dimensional array.
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    phpDB abstracts the access to SQL databases. It encapsulates several basic functions to access SQL databases like establishing connections, executing SQL queries and retrieving the data of the query result rows.Currently phpDB only supports MySQL, but there are hooks for supporting database interfaces like ODBC, PostgreSQL, MSSQL and Oracle.
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    Jabber Client is an event-driven Jabber client class implementation. This library allows PHP scripts to connect to and communicate with Jabber servers.
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    Connection PDO Class is a simple wrapper class that can be used to access SQL databases using the PDO API.It can establish connections, execute direct or prepared SQL queries, retrieve the all query results into a single array, begin, commit and rollback transactions.
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    MsSQL Database Functions is a wrapper class to access Microsoft SQL server databases.It can establish database connections, execute SQL queries, retrieve the number of result set rows, retrieve SELECT query results into arrays, prepare and execute stored procedures.
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