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  1. Modem Emulator
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    This is a PHP script can be used to simulate user using a modem connection. It can be used for testing how sites load on slow connections, like a modem per example. A demo in included with the download package.Features of Modem Emulator:- Set URL to fetch.- Mime type of URL- Set custom connection speed
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    PHP Class Collection project provides different classes written in PHP 5. DirectoryList is offered in this free script with the purpose of recursive projection of the filesystem (sub-)tree in an object. Email class included is to easily create emails with attachments. FTPConnection provided for FTP access without using PHP's FTP-functions. HTTPConnection for HTTP access without using CURL. MultiSQL for easily ...
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    DbRand, a redundant Master/Slave MySQL connection class. Chooses a random db connection for selecting purposes.All other queries will be run on the MASTER connection. Also checks to make sure the server is up prior to opening connection.
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    IdealMySQL Class, a connection can be established to a MySQL server and SQL queries can be executed.Key Features of IdealMySQL Class:- Return the affected rows for manipulation queries like INSERT, DELETE. UPDATE, REPLACE and DROP- Return query result set handles for data retrieval queries like SELECT, SHOW, DESCRIBE and EXPLAIN- Catch errors and send email messages to an administrator address- ...
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    pgsql_dbconnect eases the connection process in pgsql via OOP.
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    Several type of controls that change the display messages are sent through a serial port connection.Key Features of Citizen C2202-PD Control Class:- Change the display mode- Change messages in the display lines- Scroll the display lines- Move the cursor- Clear the display- Set the display brightnessRequirements:PHP 4.0 or higher
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    The ConnectionManager class is an example of providing abstraction to database connectivity using the factory design pattern.The factory method in the ConnectionManagerFactory class returns the correct ConnectionManager object according to the chosen database type, i.e MySQL or MSSQL.To add support to other databases one can extend the ConnectionManager class.
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    Mysql DBObj is meant to simplify the composition and execution of MySQL database SELECT queries.Mysql DBObj has functions that can establish the database connection and others to specify the query conditions, columns to sort the results, result row limits and execute the queries.
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    MySQL Connection allows developers connect with MySQL Server with Log generate. Log class is required.
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    The MySQL server connections are established by reading options from a configuration file.Key Features of Base De Datos:- Execute SQL queries- Retrieve the number of result set rows, the number of result columns, or the number of affected rowsRequirements: PHP 3.0 or higherLimitations: The code and comments are in Spanish.
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    static_DBConnect establishes MySQL database server connections and stores the database access handle in a static variable so it can be reused by different objects of the class.Functions for executing queries and retrieving results are also provided.Requirements:PHP 5.0 or higher
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    A connection can be established to a MySQL database server and several types of general purpose queries and functions can be executed.Key Features of All PHP:- Executing SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE queries from lists of parameters- Retrieve query results into arrays- Generate query results pagination linksRequirements:PHP 3.0 or higher
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    Database connections can be established and SQL queries can be executed. Currently GV Conection Class only supports MySQL but it is meant to support other database types in the future.Requirements:PHP 3.0 or higher
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    GV RecordSet Class opens a connection to a server of one of the supported database types and executes a given SQL query.An array class variable is used to store the results, so that browsing back and forth between the different records is possible.Requirements:PHP 3.0 or higher
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    The PHP SSH2 extension is used to establish an encrypted connection with a specified host.Shell can authenticate on behalf of a given user, execute a shell command, retrieve the command output and send or receive files to the remote host, like with the scp command.Requirements:PHP 4.0 or higher
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