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  1. PclTemplate
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    This script implements a template processing engine that uses string searching to locate template place holder tags.It can read templates from strings or files and search for template place holder tags. The place holder tags delimiters are configurable.The template tags can be used to implement conditional template section processing and section iteration loops.The processed templates can be returned as a ...
  2. Haanga
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    This package is a template engine that can process Django style templates.It can parse Django style templates and compile them into PHP code that can be executed to generate the processed template output.The engines supports variable replacement, conditional blocks, loops, external template file inclusion.It also supports template inheritance by allowing to redefining a template based on another template.
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    Regular expressions are used to parse and process template place holder parameters.Key Features of DirecTemplate:- Loops within template blocks iterating over multiple values of a template parameter- Conditional template blocks- Transform template parameters using template functions with the same names of built-in PHP functions- Assigning parameter variables within the templates- Displaying sets of data split in multiple pages- Plug-ins to ...
  4. No Screenshot
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    Perfect Templates is a template engine that uses regular expressions to process template files. It supports variables, includes, loops and conditional clauses (if, elseif, else).
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