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    PclTar is a library that allow you to create a GNU TAR archive for a list of files or directories with or without compression, to extract all the archive or a part of it. So far tests show that the files generated by PclTar are readable by PHP gzip tools and WinZip application.What's New In version 1.3.1 PclTar:- Remove deprecated ...
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    CSS Stacker and Compressor is a PHP compression script used to compact several CSS files into a single file. You can add several CSS to a stack, this script will process them and return one big CSS with comments stripped out and some optimizations made (not minified and non obstructive). The CSS may be compressed with GZIP, Then it can ...
  3. OpenTBS
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    This package allows to merge OpenOffice and Ms Office templates with values, SQL and other data. OpenTBS is a plug-in for the TinyButStrong template engine. I can then open compressed documents in the format of OpenOffice or Microsoft Office and replace placeholders in the template by data which can be PHP variables, SQL queries, or other. The resulting documents are ...
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    This is a simple class that can be used to extract files from a ZIP archive. It uses the PHP ZIP extension to list all files in a ZIP archive and extract them to the current directory.
  5. TbsZip - a zip modifier
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    This class can be used to modify or create a ZIP archive in pure PHP, without need of temporary files. TbsZip can list, add, delete, replace files that are contained in an archive. The new content of a file can either come from a PHP string (binary string as well as text string), or from a physical external file. The ...
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    D3Css will parse a CSS file with special style inheritance syntax and generate a new CSS that evaluates the inherited styles based on parent class definitions. The outputted CSS can be loaded and cached in server files and be served in compressed format to the users. Requirements: PHP 5 or higher
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    The generated script PHP Installer can contain compressed versions of the application scripts and other file types. PHP Installer may also contain a dump of the MySQL application database that is restored when the generated installer script is executed. Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    Backup files scans a given directory recursively and builds a file with the directory contents. The generated backup file is compressed and stored in a given directory. The backup file can be later read, uncompressed and used to restore the directory contents. Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    Event log entries can be added to a given log file that has a name based on the current date with Debug - Log Writer.The Debug - Log Writer lists all files in the log file directory and makes all log files of past months are compacted in ZIP archives.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Tabajara Cache can check if a cache file exists and did not expire. If so, it outputs the contents of the cache file. Otherwise, the class starts capturing the output of the page.In the end the Tabajara Cache retrieves the just captured output of the page stores it in a cache file. It already compresses the output of the page ...
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    Sitemap creator can generate a sitemap file with given site URLs and compress it. When the sitemap file is generated it can notify Google to let it know that the new sitemap is available. The robots.txt file with the sitemap location can also be generated. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher What's New in This Release Sitemap creator: Added support for ...
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    Periodic site maintenance can estimate the time, in days, until the hosted files will exceed a defined disk space. Key Features of Periodic site maintenance:- Take backups of database tables to compressed XML files- Rotate backup files deleting files older than a given number of days- Remove files from given directories that match certain name patterns or were modified for ...
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    Class for caching of full pages or frequently used blocks.phpSuperCache uses the filesystem to avoid database connections bottlenecks. It caches pages using the name of the script and allowed query_strings.phpSuperCache can serve normal html or even gzipped content, if the server and the user navigator allow it.
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    This PHP script is used to serialize and unserialize arrays in compressed data. The var_export function was used in Better Array Storage to create a serialized version of the array which is compressed with zlib library functions.It decompresses the serialized array and uses the PHP eval function to restore the original array values to fulfill the goal of unserializing. The ...
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    Variable Length Coding can be used to compress and uncompress data using the variable length encoding. It can read a stream of data and pack it using an pure PHP implementation of the variable length encoding algorithm.Variable Length Coding can also do the opposite reading a variable length encoded stream of data and unpack it to restore the original uncompressed ...
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