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    This script implements a template engine based on regular expression replacements. It can process template with marks that define placeholders or sections using regular expressions to locate and replace those marks. Currently it supports marks that define expressions, conditions, loops and sub-templates files. The templates may compiled and cached to avoid processing the templates again in the future. Requirements: - ...
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    This is a templating system written in PHP to help web developers separate content from logic.The template compiler has support for block iterating, control structures, custom extensions, template compiling, and more.TemplateThis is written in pure OO PHP and does not rely on any frameworks or databases to run, making it usable on almost any shared host with PHP enabled.
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    This package is a template engine that can process Django style templates.It can parse Django style templates and compile them into PHP code that can be executed to generate the processed template output.The engines supports variable replacement, conditional blocks, loops, external template file inclusion.It also supports template inheritance by allowing to redefining a template based on another template.
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    There is a template loader script RainTPL that checks whether a given template was previously compiled. If the template was not yet processed, another class handles the compilation. The results are stored as PHP scripts in a given template cache directory. RainTPL supports variable replacement with configurable delimiters, conditional sections, sections to be ignored or not parsed and loops. Requirements: ...
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    PHPTAL is an advanced template engine for generation of XHTML with PHP. Has very nice syntax compatible with Zope's TAL. It's very fast thanks to compiled templates and output caching.
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    The marks are replaced with variable values. Smart Engine Template Engine also supports section delimiting marks to evaluate loops, and conditional sections. Requirements: PHP 3.0 or higher
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    TypeSafeStruct provides base classes that can check whether the types of the values to assign variables of implementation subclasses are of the expected types. The expected types are determined by the prefixes of private variables, so it works well even when using PHP compiled code cached extensions. A secondary class can be used to serialize objects as XML documents or ...
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    IDtpl3, an array class variable is used to store the template variables. It processes a template by including it as PHP code that can access the template variables by accessing the entries of an array named $d. IDtpl3 captures the output of the included template file and can return it as a string or displayed as the current script output. ...
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    Fast Template features such as merged cache function, debug console, silent removal of not-assigned dynamic blocks or the ability of including PHP code into templates, have been added. New functionality "pattern assign" has been added. When variables or constants are the same as the template keys, these functions may be used as they are. Using these functions, Fast Template can ...
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    SQL Parse and Compile can take an SQL query and parse it to extract the different parts of the query like the type of command, fields, tables, conditions, etc. . It can also compose take different values and compose a SQL query from them . Key Features of SQL Parse and Compile:- Parser: . insert . replace . update . ...
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    Even though the syntax is like that of PHPLib template but the compiling technique of Smarty has been used. The Smarty advantages that PHPLib lacked, are now available.
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    Pine template reads templates from files with special marks that start by { and end in } . An associative array with template variables is used as argument for the class. Pine template traverses the template file data to replace all occurrences of the template variables by the respective values.
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    STC compiles templates and generates PHP code for processing the template. The compiled templates get cached in files. STC supports template variable assignment, including separate template files, conditional sections and iteration section loops. Requirements: PHP 3.0 or higher
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    The processed templates are compiled into PHP scripts that can be executed directly. Compiled templates get cached. Unchanged templates are not recompiled.Operators look like HTML tags. There are no hardcoded operators. Operators can overload HTML tags so their meaning can be expanded.
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    phplibTemplateExtention provides several enhancements over the original template class.Key Features of phplibTemplateExtention:- Automatic detection and declaration of blocks- Automatic "blanking" of unused blocks- Blocks automatically declared in proper nested order.- All calls to set up template/file/paths/names in the class call.
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