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    This is a PHP CLI tool to detect code changes. Developers can use the PHP console to compare different versions of a piece of code. Can work with libraries, frameworks or packages. It detects code changes in terms of script existence or methode definitions. PHP Compare Code is a better alternative to the classic diff tool.Features of PHP Code Comparator:- ...
  2. Simple Compare
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    Two or more binary files are read by the script, splitting them in segments of data and comparing the files segment by segment.The script returns an array with the information about whether the files are the same or different. By default, the files are split in 100 segments, so 100 similar segments means a perfect match.Requirements:- PHP 5.1 or Higher
  3. Speed Comparison
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    This PHP script is designed to detect and compare your website's load speed against Yahoo and Google in milliseconds. A fast load speed is essential for a website which guarantees the stable visits to your site. If your page doesn't load fast enough, visitors may hit the back butoon.
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    Simple string diff can be used to compare two strings and return the changed lines. It takes two strings and split them into arrays of lines. The script can compare the two arrays of lines and return a new text string denoting with + and - the lines that were added and removed from the first to the second string. ...
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