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    WoWAPI PHP SDK is a PHP library for Battle.net's World of Warcraft Community API. It can be used to query for WoW data from inside PHP-powered apps.Features of WoWAPI PHP SDK:- Get realm status- Get character infoRequirements:- PHP cURL extension- PHP JSON encode/decode extensionWhat's New in This Version:- Adding Character resource with tests.
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    Discogs is a user-built database containing information on artists, labels, and their recordings.Discogs is constantly growing (like Wikipedia) as users submit releases to the community database. It is well documented inline.If a decent IDE is used the developer will see that each method is documented with PHPDoc.
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    MLS integration with RETS is complicated. SimpleRETS is here to remove the complexity of RETS and provide a cross MLS RETS client for the PHP community.Stop using complex RETS packages and start simplifying your life with SimpleRETS.
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    With Personal Site Manager, u can start your own personal site or even start a small community website...Functions of Personal Site Manager:- start a blog- put files for download- add your pictures gallery- have members (or your fans) section- have a table where users can put comments for your website...- have your control panel where u can delete users, comments, ...
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    Dolphin is a professional, full featured, secure community software that allows you to start a unique on-line community web site. Dolphin-Smart Community Builder is a simple-to-manage and easy-to-customize PHP, MySQL, XHTML based community script. Features of Dolphin Smart Community Builder: - Flash promo design, - Innovative Builders for advanced site customization, - flash chat, forums, blogs, IM, - media gallery ...
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    Start a community of online artists with OekakiPoteto. OP is a fully featured system that uses the noteBBS 2.04x and OekakiBBS 2.64 paint applet that allows you to draw pictures to the web and have others view and comment them. 5.0.0 includes language pack support for multiple translations, JPG compression, along with many serious security bug fixes.
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