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    Try out a new kind of chat script, for free. WSN InstaChat enables real-time communication where you can watch the other person typing in rich text, no pressing enter to send messages.
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    Basic Chat Room is a very basic chat system to enable communication between Internet users. Its installation is kind of difficult, needing advanced PHP and MySQL knowledge, but instructions are provided in the documentation.Features of Basic Chat Room:- Usernames are unique to users currently chatting- Can see a “currently chatting” user list- There are multiple rooms for chatting- Keeping track ...
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    This is a PHP chat-box with intergrated spam protection. It is a free PHP chat scripts. It support smilies / multiple languages and can be used with or without a MySQL database.What'new of this latest version:- Added patch for possible XSS.
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    Yahoo Messenger Emoticons can be used to replace text that represent smiley expressions by Yahoo messenger icons.Yahoo Messenger Emoticons takes a text string eventually with smileys and replaces them by HTML images of smiley icons used by Yahoo messenger.
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    Check Active Comm-Ports Class uses the mode command to retrieve the list of active communication ports. An array is used to return the list of active ports and their names. Requirements: PHP 3.0 or higher
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    Jabber Client is an event-driven Jabber client class implementation. This library allows PHP scripts to connect to and communicate with Jabber servers.
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    CK2ICQ is implementing an communication routines to check the status of the ICQ user.
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    Chat let the users chat with other users of the domain without using sockets programming or custom TCP/IP protocols for its communication.Chat still has the capabilities of other chat programms like chat room creation, changing to another room, etc.. This is a flat file based chatting class. It uses a MySQL database to store information about the chat users and ...
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