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  1. Free Review Script
    2502 total visits
    This free review script allows visitors to rank a product or service on a scale of 1-5. Comments can be left by visitors and as an option you can require the administrator to approve comments before being added to the website and even require user registration. Powerful admin panel lets you manage every section and feature on the site. Search ...
  2. Comment Redlist
    88 total visits
    Comment Redlist is an extra spam and bad words filter for WordPress. By default there a bad word filter included with WordPress. Unfortunately that filter only works with full matches. Comment Redlist comes as an alternative, allowing partial matches of selected strings inside other words. To setup the filtering words, just go to the WP backend "Settings" section. Installation:- Unpack ...
  3. RTE Comments
    74 total visits
    RTE Comments is a WordPress plugin to replace the simple comment textarea with a rich text editor. RTE Comments works only for logged in users, replacing the comment area with a fully blown WYSIWYG editor. The rich text editor is WP's native TinyMCE version. Installation:- Unpack and upload it to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.- Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu ...
  4. No Screenshot
    629 total visits
    Comments script with pagination is a free AJAX script to add comments in the website, uses PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript (with jQuery). The script paginate the comments, without affecting the rest of the page content, or page URL, and it can be included in both HTML, and PHP files (but the server must have installed PHP).It can be used with ...
  5. HyperComments
    480 total visits
    HyperComments is an alternate WordPress commenting system. It adds a much improved comments moderation panel, along with the possibility to comment on words or phrases. Features of HyperComments:- Commenting on a text fragment- Real-time comments- Comments indexable by search engines- Import/Export of existing comments- No registration is required- Social integration (authorisation and cross-posting of comments)- RSS option- Anti spam protection- ...
  6. Feedback Champuru
    173 total visits
    This is a WordPress plugin for importing social buzz as comments into posts and pages. Gets mentions from various social networks and embeds them as a comments to the mentioned post. Features of Feedback Champuru:Supported services:- Tweet- Hatena Bookmark- Delicious- FriendFeed- Livedoor Clip- Buzzurl- Google+Requirement:- WordPress 2.7 or HigherWhat's new in this version:- Support Google+Installation:- Unpack and upload it to ...
  7. No Screenshot
    247 total visits
    PHP Form to Mail allow visitors to contact you from your website, and have their comments mailed directly to your inbox, without the risk of making your email address available to bots.Form to Mail (Light) provides a neat contact form for your visitors, and some clever back end PHP to help reduce the risk of mistakes or inaccurate email addresses ...
  8. Comment Timeout
    75 total visits
    This is a WordPress plugin for automatically closing comments on posts and pages. It can either wait a certain period after the post/page has been republished, or it can close retroactively all comments prior to a preset date.Requirements:- WordPress 2.8 or Higher- PHP 5.2 or HigherWhat's new in this version:- Can now optionally specify a date on which to close ...
  9. Respectful Comments
    185 total visits
    This is a WordPress plugin for allowing the admin to modify the text inside the comment form submit button. The admin can add any text he wants by going to the Admin Settings section.Requirements:- WordPress 3.2.1 or HigherInstallation:- Unpack and upload it to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress.
  10. Minimum Comment Length
    57 total visits
    This is a WordPress plugin to check the comment for a set minimun length and disapprove it if it's too short. The administrator is not subject to this check.Requirements:- WordPress 2.2 or HigherWhat's New in this version 1.0:- Added inline & PHPdoc documentation.- Made the entire plugin ready for i18n, you can find the .pot file in /languages/, please email ...
  11. Commentics
    484 total visits
    Commentics is a free, advanced PHP comment script with many features. Professionally written and with open source code, its main aims are to be integrable, customizable and secure.Requirements:- PHP 5.2 or Higher (with Ctype/Mbstring)- MySQL 5.0.7 or Higher- Apache- server should have cURL, GD library
  12. Animus Comments
    313 total visits
    This script lets you add a "comments" section to any web pages that you control. It can block sapmbots by using a captcha, filter out obscene language, and be made to look like your site so that it doesn't stick out. It even has the ability to let people rate comments with high rating will be displayed more visibly, comments ...
  13. GentleSource Comments
    721 total visits
    GentleSource Comments is a PHP script which can be integrated into exsiting websites easily to allow visitors to leave comments on a page, and admin shall have the right to edit and delect those comments. It could be included in any existing PHP or HTML page once it has been installed, By default the script shows the form fields "Name", ...
  14. News manager
    620 total visits
    Quickly post news on your site. Including administration to edit and delete items. Requires MySQL to support it.
  15. MySQL shoutbox
    570 total visits
    This simple tool allows visitors to post short comments on your site. Shouts are stored in a MySQL database. Including refresh lock, splitting long words, etc.
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