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    This script can generate PHP scripts that are MySQL backups. It connects to a given MySQL server and extracts the list of all databases.The script generates a PHP script with commands to execute queries that recreate the database tables and insert the records with the current values. The generated backup PHP script is stored in a given file.
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    PHP File Renamer is a PHP script for working with file names. It allows easy file renaming via simple PHP commands.Features of PHP File Renamer:- Uppercase/lowercase filenames, images, pictures- Add prefix, postfix to filenames- Replace words in filename- Rename all files ending with some extension (e.g .php, .pdf, jpg, bmp, png, etc.)- Rename files that have some word in their ...
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    This PHP script reverse engineers your PHP5 code and generates UML script diagrams via the yuml.me service. Since it is a Command Line Script, it could be easily used in continuous integration tools to generate an automatic documentation. Features of php2yuml:UML:- Classes- Interfaces- Property Visibily- Method Visibility- Generalization, Specification- Dependencies.YUML OPTIONS:- Size- Direction
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    This PHP script is developed for using PHP command to run PHP scripts in parallel. OSX Process Control can also be used to kill started process at any moment and check if the parallel script is still running. Requirements:- PHP 5.0 or Higher
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    Klamm Lose class achieves this by sending requests to the ExpertForce (EP) Web services API exposed by the website.Klamm Lose class can access the site using a given user identification number and password and execute several commands made available to the given user and return the site command responses.
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    The name of the command to kill is taken from the current script command line arguments. Process Killer uses the ps command to list all running processes and kills those with a name that matched the specified argument.
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    XShell takes a command line with program path and eventual arguments and executes the program opening a pipe from which it reads the program output.Any errors are also included in the command output stream so that they can be returned into the same value string as the result.
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    The PHP SSH2 extension is used to establish an encrypted connection with a specified host.Shell can authenticate on behalf of a given user, execute a shell command, retrieve the command output and send or receive files to the remote host, like with the scp command.Requirements:PHP 4.0 or higher
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    Mysql draws tables on the command line using 's and -'s for rows and cells - this class will draw php arrays in the same way.Also, mysqlLikeDisplay can draw tables in HTML instead - full stylesheet / border /padding configuration from class function calls -suitable for throwing data at the screen either in html or as ascii on the command ...
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