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    Array To takes an associative array and generates an CSV file from the values in the array. It can also generate files with other configurable separators besides commas. A string representing a valid definition of the array structure can also be returned. Requirements: PHP 5 or higher
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    FBCount takes an array with a list of names and generates a single string separated with commas except the last two names that are separated by the word "and". A configurable template string passed to the sprintf function can be used to format the names. If the name list array is associative, both the array entry values and keys are ...
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    Elements of an array of arbitrary depth can be referenced using a single string the represents the element array indexes separated by commas.Multi-Dimensional Array Handler can take an element index string and set or get its value, check if the element is set, or check it is empty or return the count of entries if the element is an array.Requirements: ...
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