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    This script calculates and generates all combinations of array elements for n variables with a k class. The script takes an array elements and returns another array with values set to the specified type of combination of elements.The combination types implemented by this class are: - Pn - Pn(k) - Dn,k - D'n,k - Cn,k - C'n,k
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    Alternate text is meant to extract a random text string from a string that defines a set of possible combinations of words. It is supposed to be used to generate variations of a message that can be refreshed dynamically.Just try this combination definition "(hello|bye(world|(sweet|)home|moon)" to see the multiple variations of text strings that the script generates.
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    Combinatorics contains some useful statistical functions to make combinatorial statictic calculations like dispositions and combinations of objects.As an interesting use of the class there is a subclass to find the best path, both if you have to visit a certain number of cities and if you have to touch a certain number of nodes in a network.
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