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    Man Page Lookup allows you to view man pages directly from the website. The output is formatted nicely with bold, italics, and coloured text.
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    WebSafeColors.inc.php has a built-in database of information about all the colors of the so called 'Web Safe' palette. It can lookup the palette to determine whether a given color is web safe or not.WebSafeColors.inc.php can also return the RGB components of a web safe color in decimal or hexadecimal representation. It can also lookup a web safe color by name.Currently ...
  3. True Color Picker 2
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    This class can be used to present a palette to let the user pick colors.It is an evolution of the first version of the class that includes enhancements such as displaying a little circle showing the current color, two arrows pointing the position of the selected base color, 3 color panes, and memorize the last picked positions.
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    This PHP Script is designed to process RGB triplets and CSS colors. You can convert CSS to RGB triplets with this script, the opposite works too. Key Features of RGB / CSS Color Process:- Light up, darken, and saturate colors.- Increment, decrement, extract RGB components.
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