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    A list of colors defined by names and RGB values is used as input. The generated ACO file is served for download as the current script output or it can be saved to the disk.Requirements: PHP 4.3.2 or higher
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    The colors and the number of gradient steps can be specified. Create Gradient computes the values of an array with the calculated gradient colors also represented with hexadecimal values.The computed gradient colors may be used to define background colors of contiguous cells of HTML tables to demonstrate the gradient effect.
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    Colors can be converted between the RGB, HSV, HSL and hexadecimal RGB models.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    CMYK, RGB, Pantone, as well as hex and HTML codes are supported.
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    Color RGB can also handle color converting. It handles colors from Hex and RGB.
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    The background of each option appears in the color that it represents. A large list of colors using only their hexadecimal codes as option names, is generated.
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    PHP PSD Reader reads a PSD file and renders the content as a GD true color image. A function named imagecreatefrompsd() is provided to simplify the creation of images from Photoshop files.Requirements:PHP 3.0 or higher
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    PHP color takes a string of PHP code and reformats it by adding HTML tags that can render the PHP constructs using different colors.Regular expression replacement is used for the PHP code text reformatting.Requirements:PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Color Picker can either output the color picker fields as a list of radio buttons or as a select field with all color the colors as options.An variable array contains the color codes and names that define the list. Currently Color Picker uses the color names in Polish but they can be redifined for any other language.
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    Color extract can be used to extract the most common colors used in images.Color extract can open an image file in the GIF, JPEG or PNG format. Then it traverses the image and returns an array with the most used color tones.
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    Graph Coloring can be used to assign colors to graph points defined in a vertex list. It can retrieve the coordinates of vertex points from a file or executing a MySQL database query.Then Graph Coloring defines it assigns colors to vertex points establishing connections between the points from list of vertexes, so that two consecutive vertexes do not get the ...
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    Blocks is a simple class that is meant to output colored blocks of mark different sections of HTML page. You can define the color, the current HTML generation time and custom text that will appear in each block.
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    Image Functions provides an helpful collection of colour and image processing routines.Functions of Image Functions:- Can the colour space to and from RGB, HLS and HSV formats- Convert to and from an RGB array and HTML HEX values- Retrieve the colour of a pixel and return it as an RGB array- Compute the distance between two colours- Determine the current ...
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    AlternarColor array iterator is a very simple class that iterates over a set (of color codes or names maybe?) and returns the next element in the set on each iteration, coming to first element again. It can be useful for generating listings with rows using alternated colors.AlternarColor array iterator can take an array with an arbitrary number of colors names ...
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    Color is meant to transform color tones using different color representation formats. It can convert a color from a colorspace to another: rgb, hsl, cmy, cmyk, xyz, luv.Color can also transform a color tone to make it brighter or darker by using HSL or LUV (also called YUV) colorspace. This is useful for generating different color tones for to define ...
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