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    Impleo is a simple PHP-script for managing your record collection. It’s possible to add, edit and delete records. Each record contains the name of the artist, title of the record and year of release. In addition to this, it’s possible to add any kind of detail of your own choise. Requirements:To run Impleo Music Collection 2.0 you need a couple ...
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    Link Collector is meant to generate pages of sites with links to pages listed in a file based database.The links may be listed with sample pictures, making it ideal to list links to remote image galleries. The format of the listings is defined with simple text templates the determine what information is displayed and its presentation layout.
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    PHP Collection can manipulate collection objects, also known as dictionary objects, like in Java, that store entry values indexed by name keys.Functions of PHP Collection:- Add entries by name key- Remove entries by name key or by position- Retrieve entry values by name key or by position- Determine whether there is already an entry with a given key- Iterate over ...
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    Random Lib can be used to pick a random item from a collection. It can add to a collection of items that can be values of any type: strings, numbers, objects, etc.. Each item may have a probability weight.Random Lib can pick one or more random items from the collection. When picking multiple items it may allow repetition of the ...
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    French White Pages can access the French white pages site to submit a search query and collect the results. It can perform a search using as criteria a name, surname, location name and optionally an address.
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    MySQL Collection provides you a set of functions to use with your MySQL database.Functions of Log:- log() // Create a log file- addLog() // Append one line in the log file- show() // Show de log content in HTML formatProperties of Connection:- application // Name of application- host // IP or Name of MySQL Server- login // Login MySql- senha ...
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