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    TankAuth is an user authentication library for the CodeIgniter PHP framework. It uses a basic authentication model, working together with a database, where it saves all user details. By default it supports all the four basic authentication operations: login, logout, register and unregister. To boost security, the PHPass library is used to encode password hashes instead of MD5. Features of ...
  2. flexi auth
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    flexi auth is a CodeIgniter library for managing an userbase. Just use the plugin whenever running a community powered CodeIgniter installation, or just a simple CMS that needs more than one users accessing and managing the content. Comes packet with lots of features, making ideal for a wide range of use cases. Features of flexi auth:- Login and registration support- ...
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    iScaffold is a Web-based tool for scaffolding CodeIgniter applications. It will help developers assemble their custom CodeIgniter apps without having to deal with the mess that comes with putting together a custom database schema. At the end, when all the customizations have been done, with the click of one button, the developer can automatically generate his CodeIgniter project's source code. ...
  4. cibitly
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    cibitly is a CodeIgniter library for the Bit.ly API. The library can feed an URL to the Bit.ly service and get a shortened version for it. Optionally it can do the reverse when needed and works with Bit.ly's latest API version, v3. Requirements:- CodeIgniter 2.1 or higher- Bit.ly API credentials What's New in This Version:- Fixing tagging error.
  5. IgniterPlate
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    IgniterPlate is a starter kit for CodeIgniter projects, which is a combination of various open source projects for quickly deploying a CI-based website, reducing development time spent on structures and HTML coding. Features of IgniterPlate:Used technologies:- HTML5 Boilerplate- Zurb's Foundation CSS framework
  6. Google Reader Library for CodeIgniter
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    This is a CodeIgniter module for reading, editing and removing feeds in Google Reader. The library connects and uses Google Reader API to create and edit feeds. The CI script is extremely well commented.Features of Google Reader Library of CodeIgniter:- Marks an item as read.- Marks an item as unread.- hares a URL through Google Reader's notes.- Loads configuration data ...
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    ANM_CI can remap CodeIgniter methods according to given rules. It can also be used to redirect the current page to a specified URI. Requirements: PHP 4 or higher
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