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    classGen can define a class with a given name and type to add variables and functions to it. A file with the defined class code and comments is generated. Requirements: PHP 4 or higher
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    Solace profiler may be useful to find slow or unused code, compare the speed of different code implementations, track loop counts and conditions, etc..The reports can be generated in either plain text or HTML formatting. Solace profiler supports includes, evals and asserts.
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    HTTP Status is a PHP class for determining HTTP Status codes. HTTP Status is mainly based on Status.pm lib/HTTP/Status.pm> from the libwww-perl collection.
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    This PHP script is designed to help you with code for simple pages like catalogs, which uses some restrictions for building classes in the page controller pattern. Code Help generates code which implements the Model-view-controller(MVC) design patterns. It first generates a controller page script and model, and views classes to create, edit and display records of data entities that are ...
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    Highlighter can highlight PHP code and turn keywords into links to the respective manual page in the PHP.net site. If the code is not enclosed in PHP code tags <?php and ?>, first it adds these tags before highlighting the code.A text string can also be escaped to display as HTML, via configurable block tags.Requirements: PHP 4.3.2 or higher
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    Highlight Code uses its own code to detect functions and build links to the respective manual pages.
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    HTML Sanitizer takes a string with HTML code and strips all the tags that do not make part of a list of safe tags. That list of safe tags is defined as a private class variable. There are some functions to allow usually unsafe tags like script, style, object, embed, etc..Unsafe tag attributes, such as JavaScript ones for event handling, ...
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    Sourceer is a easily and highly configurable single-file script to browse directories and view source code of .php, .htm, etc., files. Among other things, it can be useful for presenting source code of software projects (a much simple alternative to Trac, PHPDoc, Doxygen, SVN / CVS systems, etc.). Sourceer produces XHTML 1.0 Strict-compliant output whose page layout and CSS-styling can ...
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