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  1. Virtual interface generator
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    Virtual interface generator can generate empty interface definitions. It takes the name of a given interface and creates an empty definintion for that interface. so other interfaces or scripts that require that other interface exists can still be loaded without invoking the interface code.It can also support interfaces defined under given namespaces.Requirements:- PHP 5.3 or Higher
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    Version Translator can be used to convert PHP code between namespaces and PEAR names. It is an Open Source PHP code generator. It can parse PHP script files and convert class and namespace names in code PHP 5.3 code and class names with PEAR naming conventions. It can process individual scripts or whole directories of scripts. Requirements: PHP 5.3.0 or ...
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    Cache variables can be used to cache variable values in PHP scripts. It can take the value of a variable and generate a cache file, also is a PHP code generator, if it does not exist already, that is PHP script that assigns the variable value.This script can also load variable value from the cache file script if it exists ...
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    phpPlugin is free, powerful PHP code generator. phpPlugin is meant to dynamically extend any object of a class with new plug-in functions or collections of functions that are defined in separate files or from variables. It works by dynamically creating a new sub-class of the class of given object adding the plug-in functions that are specified at runtime.The name of ...
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    MLM Tree Generation Code is the php source code for generating MLM tree in php. MLM Tree Generation is an Open Source PHP code generator. MySQL, PHP and JavaScript is used to get the job done.
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