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    Sometimes it is nice to see the server local time of the site we are accessing. It is not possible to do this with Javascript because it uses the time of the computer of the user browser.This class generates a PNG image with a simple clock displaying the time of the server.Optionally, the clock may display a legend near the ...
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    A legend can optionally be displayed next to the clock.
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    If configured with alarm times it makes an alarm clock and may announce web page specific events, ie. a sports page may announce the beginning of a match.servertime generates output in English or in German, with support for either long or short month names. It works with the browsers: Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla and Opera.JavaScript support is required on the ...
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    Gets very accurate time from NIST, accurate to 0.01 seconds. Gets current date and time. You can run cron or scheduler to automatically sync your computer's time with USA atomic clock.Runs on all OSes - unix, linux, Windows 95/98/ME/2000/NT
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    Analogic Clock is a PHP script for displaying an analog clock on your Web page. It uses the GD library to create the clock image on the fly.
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    Digital Clock is a PHP script for displaying the current time in a digital clock on your web page. It uses individual digit images for the clock, and does not require any special library.
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