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    Ultimate Client Manager is the most complete and easy to use Invoice, Customer and Project management system available. Host the application on your own website or in house server. Pay once, free upgrades forever!This feature packed system lets you easily keep all your customer and project details in one place. You can keep website information (ftp details, renewal dates), project ...
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    WHMCS is an all-in-one client management, billing & support solution for online businesses. Handling everything from signup to termination, WHMCS is a powerful automation & support tool. It is not limited to just web hosting, any business with a need for online billing, particularly of a recurring nature, for example services or memberships, then WHMCS can be a perfect solution.WHMCS ...
  3. CodernityDB-PHPClient
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    CodernityDB-PHPClient is a PHP client library for CodernityDB. This library allows CodernityDB to be used with Python apps natively. CodernityDB is a schemaless open source NoSQL database. An example is included with the download package. Features of CodernityDB-PHPClient:- Connect to database- Query database for data- Insert new data in the database- Delete data- Edit and update data- Encode/decode data in/to ...
  4. JAXL
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    JAXL is a PHP library for the Jabber XMPP Client, which can be used when writing custom TCP/IP client and server implementations running on the XMPP protocol. Features of JAXL:- Asynchronous- Non-blocking I/O- Event-based- Support for HTTP, TCP and IP protocols- Logging- Cron jobs Requirements:- PHP 5.2.4 or Higher
  5. TempoDB PHP API Client
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    TempoDB PHP API Client is a PHP wrapper for the TempoDB database API, which is a database service for optimal storage time-series data. This library allows developers to create PHP apps that interact, store, query and modify data within a TempoDB database via their public REST API. Requirements:- TempoDB API credentials
  6. Server-Side Google Analytics PHP Client
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    Server-Side Google Analytics PHP Client is a PHP client for the Google Analytics service. PYGA provides a way to call the tracking code with PHP code, instead of JavaScript code. It can be used with PHP servers for devices and environments where JS can't be turned on. Features of Server-Side Google Analytics PHP Client:- Page view tracker- Event tracker- Custom ...
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    PHP HTTP client is a script which provides you with a "connect and send" HTTP client. It includes as much http 1.0 client capabilitlies (as defined in RFC 1945) as possible.
  8. Httpful
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    Httpful is a PHP script for manipulating HTTP requests. It is lightweight and perfect for smaller projects, where quick fixes need to be made, without full HTTP client control. It practically let's the developer focus on interacting with APIs instead of sifting through curl set_opt pages and is an ideal PHP REST client. Features of Httpful:- Readable HTTP Method Support ...
  9. Dornbase
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    This is a PHP business client database manager. It will allow small business owners to setup a database of clients, add details and get business reports based on their activity. Features of Dornbase:- Store unlimited contacts- Fully customized contact fields and layout- Attach notes, files, and tasks to any contact- Access from anywhere with an internet connection- Unlimited database users/administrators- ...
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    This is a PHP & MySQL tool to track worked hours on client projects. After installation (via a graphic two-step installer), add clients, assign projects to them and start tracking worked hours on each one of them. Data is kept in a MySQL database.The application can be used to track the time worked on various projects by web-developers, freelancers, copywriters ...
  11. cpResellerClients
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    This PHP script can be used to provide information about cPanel clients under a reseller account. It is an alternative to log into Web Hosting Management to list the accounts and also to combine the clients of more than one reseller account into a single list. Data can be presented into any from using templates.Take an example, This script includes ...
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    This free PHP script is created to generate class code with all methods needs with the aim for reproducing a SOAP web service. WS Client Builder can take the URL of a SOAP Web service WSDL(Web Service Definition Language) definition and pass it to the SOAP client one so it can retrieve the list of web service functions. Code for ...
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    PHP smart client loader can be used to compact CSS and JavaScript served by HTML pages. It can compact CSS styles by removing comments and whitespaces. It can also do the same for JavaScript calling the JSMin class. It can also combine multiple CSS files or multiple JavaScript file into a single file. The resulting CSS or JavaScript can be ...
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    This package can be use to generate Javascript to call functions of PHP class objects from the client side. It generates Javascript code to create Javascript objects on the client side that act as proxies of PHP objects on the server side. The generated code uses AJAX to communicate with the server side script that defines the ACE class. The ...
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    Forms can be validated on the client side before they are submitted. It can also validate forms on the server side using the class' own PHP code.Currently Combo Validation supports several built- in validation types such as empty fields, e- mail address, URL, numeric value within optional range, length between a range, and others. The way errors are displayed after ...
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