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    itunesFeedExtractor is a PHP library to get the RSS feed URL from iTunes podcasts. itunesFeedExtractor takes the URL of an iTunes podcast page and finds the podcast's RSS feed. This feed can then be used by users to add to their RSS readers and get notified about show updates without having iTunes installed on their PCs. itunesFeedExtractor works from a ...
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    modglob is a PHP script for detecting changes made to PHP files in a directory. To install just place it in the folder to watch changes for and access it directly to get a list of recent modified files. It will also work from the PHP CLI. Features of modglob:- Log levels (last hour, day, week, month & forever)- Add ...
  3. SilverSmith
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    SilverSmith is CLI tool for the SilverStripe CMS. It was created for reducing development time of SilverStripe-based websites. It creates a project structure for running a basic SilverStripe installation. Giving SilverSmith additional commands, entire pages, filled with content, will be created. SilverSmith can be installed on a per project basis, or globally so all SilverStripe projects can use it. Features ...
  4. MongoUI
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    MongoUI is a web interface for MongoDB databases which allows developers to interact with Mongo databases via a nice interface, instead of the classic CLI. Features of MongoUI:- Password protected admin panel- Per database user manager- Browse databases, collections and indexes- Drop databases- UI theming- Run JS on the server Requirements:- MongoDB- PHP 5.3 or higher- Mongo PHP extension Limitations:- ...
  5. CLImax
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    CLImax is a PHP tool for creating CLI applications, which is a small framework for simplifying the process of adding CLI commands and arguments for PHP apps. It can be used for developing stand-alone PHP CLI apps, or add CLI capabilities to an exisiting app. A demo is included with the download package. Limitations:- Still in alpha development, might change ...
  6. PHPLinter
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    PHPLinter is a scoring system for PHP files, inspired by JSLint. A predefined set of rules is included, but they are customizable. It can be ran from the PHP CLI.Features of PHPLinter:- Information- Conventions- Deprecated info- Warnings- Refactor- Security rules
  7. PHPMD5Crack
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    PHPMD5Crack is a collection of PHP CLI scripts allow developers to crack down the original string from an MD5 string useful in MD5 hash recovery.The tools use the Dictionary Crack and the Rainbow Web Crack methods.
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    This is a PHP CLI tool to detect code changes. Developers can use the PHP console to compare different versions of a piece of code. Can work with libraries, frameworks or packages. It detects code changes in terms of script existence or methode definitions. PHP Compare Code is a better alternative to the classic diff tool.Features of PHP Code Comparator:- ...
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    For CLI scripts, allows you to ensure that only one copy of the script will run at a given time, using a PID (process ID) file.Requires posix module. Recommended deployment is to put it in a file 'pid_file.lib.php' in an include directory. Then require_once('pid_file.lib.php') in scripts you want to use it, and call, for example, check_pid_file('/var/run/my_script.pid') to perform your PID ...
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    Threader uses the PHP proc_open function to run a given PHP script by starting a new copy of the PHP CLI version. Threader can also pass environment variables to a running script and retrieve the generated output. Requirements: PHP 5 or higher
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    The PHP CLI program is used to start parallel processes in the background. The new process is set to run a given PHP script. Variable values are passed to the new process using temporary files.Requirements: PHP 5.1.2 or higher
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    The code of snippets can be used to generate PHP script files inside a specified directory. PHP actuator can then run the scripts using the PHP standalone CLI program and display the scripts output.PHP actuator can also list all the previously generated scripts within a form select input to let the user pick which script he wants to try.Requirements: PHP ...
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    CLI Parser class can be used to parse and extract the values of arguments passed to a PHP script when it is executed from the command line.There are several classes that can parse and validate arguments of several types like: boolean switches, strings, numbers, files and directory names.The main class can use objects of the configured argument types classes to ...
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    CLI is a(C)command (L)ine (I)nterface - shell argument parsing and handling class. Features of CLI classes:- automatic required arguments detection, - handling of switches without values, - automatic help page display, - support for unlimited number of arguments, - support for multiple instances of the same arguments and more.
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