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  1. Easy Query
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    This PHP script is mainly used to execute common SQL queries which are read from parameter lists. It can perform SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE queries using parameter values that define table names, fields, field values, condition, order, group and limit clauses. It can also retrieve query results into arrays.Requirements:- PHP 5.0 or Higher
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    There is a query class that can compose the query adding the WHERE condition clause, the conditions can be made of multiple clauses combined with logical operators AND, and OR. phpSQL supports column alias, adding tables to the queries, switch/case statements, math operators, aggregating expressions like SUM, AVG, MIN, MAX, column sorting. The composed queries can be executed with or ...
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    sql4array can execute SQL SELECT queries on bi-dimensional array, for which the first dimension is the row number and the second dimension the field names.The WHERE clause can be used to specify conditions with operators such as =, >,The results are returned as arrays and can be sorted with the ORDER clause and restricted with the clause LIMIT.Requirements: PHP 5.0.0 ...
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    Several types of common queries can be run with a single call by using eventual parameters to define queries that take variable values.Key Features of My One Line SQL:- SELECT what FROM tablename- SELECT what FROM tablename WHERE where_expression- SELECT what FROM tablename ORDER BY order_expression ASC/DESC- SELECT what FROM tablename WHERE where_expression ORDER BY order_text ASC/DESC- SELECT what FROM ...
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    basic_db can perform SQL queries SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE from arguments defined programmatically. The tables are defined by arguments to query, fields, WHERE and ORDER by clauses.Requirements: PHP 4.1 or higher
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    SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE SQL queries can be executed, using the specified table and field names, field values, condition clauses and other parameters.Requirements: PHP 4.2 or higher
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    The Flatfile package is a simple, light method of storing and retrieving data in tables with SQL-like features. All data is stored in tab-delimited text flat files. Flatfile supports a very powerful and extensible WHERE clause mechanism, which can be used with SELECT, UPDATE or DELETE statements. It can do ORDER BY on any number of fields, and includes full ...
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    mysql2object can be used to manipulate MySQL databases without using SQL directly. There are class to manipulate databases, tables, fields and data in table rows.The classes to retrieve data from tables can compose queries defining conditions, join clauses, results sorting and union. The results may return individual column values or the values of all column.
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    Search Query Generator for MySQL Database is a very simple class that can be used to build a SQL WHERE clause for performing a query that search for given field values.Search Query Generator for MySQL Database takes as parameter an associative array with the field names as indexes and the field search parameter values as array entry values.Search Query Generator ...
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    MyLibSQLGen can build MySQL query statements of a list of parameter arrays. It can build SQL queries SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE by specifying the tables and the fields involved.MyLibSQLGen can also build SQL conditions for the WHERE clause, search with the LIKE operator, using LEFT JOIN, and the columns for the ORDER clause.
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    SQL Query Builder can be used to dynamically build SQL database queries.It provides functions for defining query parameters such as the query type, tables, columns, the clauses where, order by, group by and having, limit row range.SQL Query Builder builds the query SQL statement according the query type and returns the SQL string.
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    MySQL Abstract is a wrapper class to simplify MySQL queries.Features of MySQL Abstract:- Connect to a MySQL server reusing connections previously opened to the same server- Insert or update rows using arrays of fields and values- Delete rows that satisfy a given condition- Could execute transaction by sending an array of query- Emulate sub-selects with NOT IN clause- Select single ...
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