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    Simple Link Exchange can be used to manage Web page links exchanged between multiple sites.Functions of Simple Link Exchange:- Create a couple of MySQL database tables to store lists of links grouped by categories- Add a new category or list the existing categories- Add a new link, update or delete links, list all links from a category- Validate exchanged back-links, ...
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    Code Map can be used to display information about the classes and PHP code structures used by a PHP script.Code Map can retrieve the list classes, constants, global functions and variables used by the current script. Then it can display each of the types of code structures as HTML lists.The listed classes and functions are presented with path of the ...
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    Information about the call stack including all the classes, functions, parameters that were used to reach the current point of the code that PHP is executing, can be retrieved.Requirements: PHP 5 or higher
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    Compile many classes into one class. SmartExtender get around the limited class extension that PHP offers. IE class A extends classb, classc etc is not possible.
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    When you work with objects and classes, just a few lines in every class you use can help you to see information about the class and the current state of an object includes variables values.Requirements:- PHP3 - PHP4
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    Dialog for PHP is a collection of wrapper classes written in PHP around the dialog command. There is currently some support for whiptail and xdialog as well.
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