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    Destructor can be used to implement class destructor functionality in a way that it works under PHP 4. It works as a base class that keeps track of all objects that are created by its subclasses. If a PHP script attempts to exit before an object is destroyed, a shutdown function is called to explicitly destroy any pending objects. Requirement: ...
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    QBaseClass is default class function handler (__call) is defined in such way that it adds new automatic functions to the class to manage class variables. The automatic functions added get recognized by their name prefixes. Key Features of QBaseClass:- has for checking if a variable is defined- set to defined the value of a variable- get to get the value ...
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    Provides a class to automatically load classes given by nested directory structures. Does not need any file system checks, should be fast (O(1)).Requirements:- PHP 5.3 or higher- PHP-Cache LibrarySpecs:- Run the "run" script in the Specs directory. Expects "php-cache" on the same level as "php-loader"Example: use Cache\Cache; use Loader\Loader; $cache = new Cache(..); $loader = Loader::create('MainLoader', $cache)->add($pathTo, $namespace)->register(); new \MyNamespace\MyClass; ...
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    Dispatcher can register a class to handle events with a given name. When an event occurs, the class can dispatch it by creating and calling an object of the registered handler class.The response of the event dispatching called returned by the handler class can also be retrieved.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Super Proxy uses reflection to create a copy of the declaration of a given class and changes it to turn private and protected variables and functions.An object of the original class copy can be created.Requirements: PHP 5.2 or higher
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    The alternative methods provided by the Friendly class are prefixed with "friend_" When a function is called with that prefix, the base class calls the function with the name after the prefix, if it is considered a friend method. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    The references to the object can be used by other classes without recreating them.
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    Their requirements to execute the scripts are also evaluated and whether the PHP version satisfies them.
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    Dynamic Setter Getter should be extended by implementation classes so they can automatically benefit from dynamic variables.Attempting to set or get values to inexisting variables will automatically assign or retrieve values from the specified ones.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    This package can be used to load multiple classes with Java-like import commands. The main class has an import function that finds one or more classes in directories. The classes that are found may be loaded individually or all at once without needing auto-load support.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    The Stack class advantage over the array_push and array_pop function is Stack::pop() pops the stack and returns a reference to the popped element.There is also a top function that returns a reference to the top element.
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    Tracker searches for PHP classes in files and generates an index file in the INI format with the paths of all the classes that it found, so next time a class needs to be loaded it just needs to look in the generated INI file.An auto-load function that looks into the generated INI file entries for the path of the ...
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    Access Methods can be used to map accesses to class variables into calls to setter and getter methods.Access Methods provides functions that can called from a class __set and __get methods to automatically set or get the property values by calling the class setter and getter methods for the respective properties.For example, if there is a property named "name", Access ...
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    Autoloader can be used to automatically load classes from given directories when the objects of the classes are created. It scans given directories for class files that have one several possible file name extensions.When an object of a class is created and the respective class file is not loaded, Autoloader can include the right class file from the previously scanned ...
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    PHP Link Exchange is a complete link exchanges PHP application for your website. This software is designed as a complement to any website or as a website in its own right. Now you can manage link exchanges. This feature packed software includes a simple installer and can be installed anywhere on your existing site. You can install it in either ...
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