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    Cisco Config is a connection to a Cisco router with a specified IP is established and the device configuration can be restored from files, NVRAM or other network machines. Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    Cisco Config Copy is a class is meant to perform backups of a Cisco router configuration files to a TFTP server using SNMP.Cisco Config Copy is recommended to use the class with some infrastructure information source, like for instance a database, that has the details of the network to perform the backups of configuration of all the relevant Cisco routers.
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    Minotaur is a simple layer 2 traceroute program written in PHP. The script is desgined to work with almost all kinds of Cisco switches with CDP (Cisco Discovery Protocol) turned on and TACACS+ login turned on. Minotaur - a layer 2 trace route for cisco switches will take an IP or MAC address you are looking for and traverse through ...
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