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    This script attempts to guess the gender of Chinese names. Generally speaking, a name is associated to a gender. A name can be male or female name. However it is difficult to guess the gender of names with neutral characters. This script can lookup in a lexicon file the gender tendency of the characters used in a given name and ...
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    Chinese Zodiac can tell you your animal sign and corresponding character according to your birthday. Low price customization service available.
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    Different functions handle the conversion between several pairs of character set encoding, such as GB2312 to BIG5, GBK to UTF8 and UTF8 to BIG5.Requirements: PHP 3.0 or higher
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    Chinese Party class can be used to convert a Chinese text between two character set encodings. Currently it can convert between character set encodings between UTF-8 traditional Chinese, UTF-8 simplified Chinese encodings, Big5 and GB2312.When Chinese Party meet some special Chinese character, such as Cantonese characters that commonly used in Hong Kong or Japanese characters that included in Big5 character ...
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    Hippo Chinese Cert Code can be used to generate CAPTCHA validation images using Chinese words. The class picks random words from a file with a list of Chinese words represented in the big5 encoding. The picked word is stored in a session variable so it can be compared with what the user entered in a form later. The words are ...
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    Astro Class is a simple class that can determine the signs of a given date in the chaldean or chinese zodiacs.The date must be passed in the ISO format (YYYY-MM-DD). The zodiac signs are returned in class variables.
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    Chinese Text Conversion is meant to convert Chinese between different encoding types. Currently, the following encoding types are supported: GB-2312, Big5, Unicode (UTF-8).
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    MP Chinese Word Segmentation can segment Chinese text using the maximum probability (MP) approach. Some ambiguity mistakes can be avoided. It can also provides simple support for segmenting English within Chinese text.
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    Fast Chinese Word Segmentation can segment Chinese text. It uses the RMM (reverse maximum match) approach. Therefore it may commit some mistakes that cannot be avoided with perfection.Fast Chinese Word Segmentation handles English but in a very simple way.
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