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    Google Checkout Button can take several parameters to define the shoping cart items and respective discounts, shipping method and tax rates.A HTML form with all shopping cart parameters is generated. The generated form may be submitted to the real Google checkout server or the sandbox server.Requirements:PHP 4.1 or higher
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    The Subversion SVN client is used to access local and remote repositories and perform various operations.Key Features of Subversion::Dynamix:- Create a repository- Retrieve repository information- Checkout a local repository to a given local directory- Add, update, rename and delete files or directories- Retrieve information about files in a given repository directoryRequirements: PHP 3.0 or higher
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    DB Cart Class can manage a shopping cart with the details stored in a MySQL database. It can be integrated with existing MySQL databases that contain the information about the products and customers. The cart can also be used without any existing customer information.Currently DB Cart Class can perform several operations on shopping carts like adding items, display the cart ...
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    Idut Shop is a simple and elegant open source PHP shopping cart for Google Checkout. Idut Shop for Google Checkout can be easily customised and incorporated into an existing website.Written in PHP, you can add products from the easy to use control panel this includes adding images and setting prices. Idut Shop for Google Checkout is simple to install and ...
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