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    HTML Form function library for PHP is a PHP library that allows you to create HTML FORM elements including select,input, etc. 1.2.0 is updated with new function for html tables with accociated checkboxes or radio boxes.
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    XTem xEmail allows you to submit data(vars) from HTML forms or scripts by email.XTem xEmail provides you some helpful tools like checking form checkboxes, etc..
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    easyForm outputs HTML for several types of form inputs from a list of parameters. HTML for select, radio, checkbox, submit or a defined type of input, can be outputted.Requirements: PHP 3.0 or higher
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    Intelligent DB Form Helper SJ can output HTML for several types of inputs from a list of arguments, like: textarea, checkbox, text, select and select with dates.Previously submitted values or initially specified values are loaded into the displayed inputs.Requirements: PHP 3.0 or higher
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    Textfields, textareas, checkboxes, radio groups, single and multible list selectors and submit/reset buttons are supported.Colors and styles are customizable. Most form properties are supported such as disabled, read only, maxlenght etc..
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    FORM generates form tags with such as "input", "checkbox", etc..
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    MyForm automatically generates radiogroups, text fields, checkboxes and other input controls.
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    HTML form elements can be defined from a list of parameters of several types like text, password, hidden, button, checkbox, radio, select, textarea and images.Another HTML Generator can generate the HTML output of the form including Javascript for event handling, redirecting the browser to another page, go back to the previous page, reload the current page, or open pop-up windows.Requirements: ...
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    There is one class form generating the HTML to display a contact form inputs of several types like text, checkbox, radio, select, image, file, textarea, submit and hidden.A secondary class can be used to compose and send e-mail messages to a specified contact address. Any files that were uploaded are attached to the message.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Place an odbc-related checkbox.
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    Inputs of the types text, password, textarea, checkbox and select, can be generated.
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    An associative array containing details about form elements, is returned.Key Features of Html Form Parser:- Form attributes like: action, name, method, enctype- Inputs of type hidden, text, password, textarea, checkbox, radio, submit, reset, button, image, select and its options
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    formAt can generate HTML forms with several types of fields, executing SQL queries to retrieve the default values of the MySQL database table fields.formAt can generate text or textarea form inputs depending on length of the database table text fields. It can also generate checkbox, radio, and select inputs to edit enum or set database table fields.CSS styles and JavaScript ...
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