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    Gets the XML statistics file from SHOUTcast DNAS server.
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    ICQStatus is a simple class for getting icq status of an uin.
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    CK2ICQ is implementing an communication routines to check the status of the ICQ user.
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    SmartIRC is a PHP class for communication with IRC networks, which conforms to the RFC 2812 (IRC). It provides an API that handles all IRC protocol messages.This class is designed for creating IRC bots, chats and show IRC information on Web pages.
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    ICQPagerSend script allows you to send messages using ICQ WWP service. This class assumes you want to send the same message to many UINs.If you prefer you can use the static sendMessage(r /> If ye to a single UIN.
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    ICQ Status classes is meant to check the online status of an ICQ user.It works by requesting the online status icon image for the specified user to the ICQ status Web site server and parsing the response to determine the status depending on the image URL to which the ICQ Web site redirects the HTTP request.
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    Yahoo Status is a simple class that retrieves the online status of an Yahoo instant messenger user. It works by retrieving the respective online status page of an Yahoo Web server.
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    Chat Class can be used to implement multiple chat rooms that users can access and talk with everybody in the same rooms. It uses files to store the dialog lines that are redistributed to every user in a same chat room.Chat Class can create chat rooms with access to a limited number of users. It may also prevent that more ...
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    Chat let the users chat with other users of the domain without using sockets programming or custom TCP/IP protocols for its communication.Chat still has the capabilities of other chat programms like chat room creation, changing to another room, etc.. This is a flat file based chatting class. It uses a MySQL database to store information about the chat users and ...
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    PHP TOC Library was developed with the intent to allow users to connect to and use the AIM services. It features full support for sending and receiveing messages, chat, and soon direct IM connectivity.Basically, PHP TOC Library can do close to everything that AIM can do. You can create a bot, check peoples online status, practically anything.PHP TOC Library is ...
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    Simple MSN Class is meant to connect to a MSN Messenger server, login as a given user and handle chat requests with other users.The package comes with a separate class that acts as robot that interacts with other connected users.
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    Shout It is a simple shoutbox you can use for your website. It includes error checking in forms, message limit, stripping html tags and clickable smileys. You can easily edit this shoutbox to your likings and hopefully you can learn to make your own from this script.
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    Text Me Please is a simple php chat script that utilized mysql database. The interface is clear,formattings are created by using css and you can include it in almost any page*.You will need a mysql database and only 1 table will be used.IP address of poster will be recorded on each post with date/time it was posted.
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    A very easy to use and feature rich shoutbox, this one comes with an ip baner, word censor, archived shouts, you can even set the time to "auto" delete old shouts.
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    MP Shoutbox is just in the first stage of development but is already working and looking extraordinary, full functionality with smileys. Version 0.2 is included with an java application for easy configuration.
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