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  1. GD barchart generator
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    GD barchart generator is a PHP library for generating bar charts. It's very easy to configure and relies onPHP's GD library to draw data. Features of GD barchart generator:- Easy to pass data to it- Set custom font- Set axis text angle- Set chart size- Add axis labels- Set bar width- Set the space between blocks- Set bar colors (or ...
  2. PHPlot
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    PHPlot is a PHP graphics script for creating charts and plots. It works with PHP5 and the PHP GD extension to produce PNG, GIF, or JPEG images. TrueType fonts (TTF) are optional, or built-in GD fonts can be used. The available plot types include: area, bars, line/points, lines, pie, points, squared, stacked-bars, and thin bar-line. Labels, tick marks, plot legend, ...
  3. Gantti
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    Gantti is a PHP graphing utility for creating Gantt charts. Just modify the basic project data and the library will do the rest. Features of Gantti:- Rendered via HTML 5- No JS needed- Easy to customize colors and style- SASS stylesheet-based- Cross-browser tested- Set Gantt chart title
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