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    Tree can be used to display organizational charts.
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    VH Graph supports bar, line, points and pie charts.
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    Flow Chart can be used to generate questions for an help desk support service work flow. it uses a MySQL database pre-loaded with questions to ask users requesting support in an help desk service. The database also contains the possible answers that are expected.Depending on the answers provided by the users, the class determines the next step, which can be ...
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    Graidle can be used to generate several types of graphical diagrams. There are several classes specialized in generating histograms, pie charts and line charts.Several presentation aspects may be configured like the colors, labels, axis, etc.. The diagrams are generated as true color images using the GD library functions, and can be displayed as the current script output or saved to ...
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    Bar chart drawing can be used to generate bar chart diagrams using only HTML with CSS styles and icons images. It does not use GD or any other dynamic graphics generation library. It takes as parameters a set of values that define each bar of the chart, a set of labels for horizontal and vertical axis legends.Bar chart drawing generates ...
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    BURAK_Gantt is a gantt chart class written in PHP. The code supports both PHP4 and PHP5 and requires the GD library to output charts in JPG format.
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    Easy to use class to create line, column, stacked column, pie and mixed line or column charts.
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    Gantt Chart Class can be used to generate project planning and progress report Gantt charts. It takes all the definitions of the chart details from associative arrays that are passed to the class constructor function.Gantt Chart Class supports the definition of details of project task groups, initial planned work, adjusted plan, real work done, progress (percentage done), milestones (products/objectives) and ...
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    Data to Graph can be used to generate bar charts from arrays of data. It takes as parameters two arrays that define the values of the bars to display.Data to Graph creates an image with a given width and height, displays the axis values and draws each of the chart bars. The resulting image is store in a server side ...
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    Stock Quoter allows you to display stock quotes (20 minute delay) and intraday charts in any PHP page on your website. Super easy to install - just upload to any directory and it runs stand-alone. Use a PHP include statement or paste the code directly to display as part of an existing PHP page. Separate config file lets you control ...
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    GrCharts is a class meant for generating bar charts on which each bar is represents a share value relative to a given starting total value. It can be used to generate charts for presenting poll results.GrCharts generates HTML tags for each bar in the chart in several styles that are available like using images to draw the bars or just ...
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    Charts in php can generate bar charts from data retrieved from a MySQL database. It can execute a given MySQL query and draw bars using legends and values returned in the query results.
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    CGraph consists of one base class that provides common functionality to draw graphs and charts with a title, an axis, a scale and a legend. There are also other derived classes specialized in drawing pie charts, line or bar graphs.The details of the different types of graphs are configured in separate configuration files to simplify the creation of new charts. ...
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    Class library for barchart,piechart and linechart graphs.
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    PowerGraphic is a class meant for generating graphic charts of several types from a data set of values to be represented in the chart.The chart data set is passed as an array of values representing the chart labels the respective chart value. Currently it can generate charts of the types: vertical bars, horizontal bars, dots, lines, pie and donut.The presentation ...
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