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    HTML Graph provides means to define the value, color and label of each bar. HTML unordered lists and CSS is used to generate the whole graphic and configure presentation details.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    HTML Chart is easy to use and does not use the GD library.
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    Several presentation details such as the chart colors can be configured before generating the image in PNG format.
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    Gauge can draw a graphic of a circular gauge like the cars fuel gauge with a pointer that indicates the current position of a given parameter value relative to given scale.By default Gauge uses a scale from 0% to 100% and draws a red arc at 50% a yellow arc at 80% and a green arc at 100%. It is ...
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    PHP Draw takes a string with commands that define the graphic primitives to be drawn in an image. Several commands are currently supported: right, left, up, down, ellipse, filledellipse, filledarc, rectangle, polygon, color, x, y, pixel, fontsize, text and file.The main class interprets the drawing commands by calling separate classes that draw the requested graphic primitives in an image. The ...
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    Bubble class generates and displays images in the JPEG format that represent bubble charts. It can be useful to show the positioning of subjects (such as companies, products, people, organizations, teams and so on) face to 2 qualities (classified according to a semantic scale) at time.The width of the bubble allows to represent a third quality of the subject: this ...
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    The different attributes are displayed in concentric circles, ordered by importance, to outline relationships between attributes and items data.The generated chart is stored in a file in the SVG format.
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    The main class takes the data set that defines the values of the chart and passes to separate classes specialized in generating different types of charts.Currently there are classes specialized in generating bar and pie charts. The output SVG tags defining the chart graphic objects, are returned.The main class assembles the returned chart SVG graphics with a legend if its ...
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    HTML Bar Chart works with any browser and the GD PHP extension is not required.
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    There are several classes to define different types of charts. QGoogle Chart only generates the Google Chart API URL.Key Features of QGoogle Chart:- Encoding- Exception lists provided methods- Line, Bar, Pie, Venn, Scatter or Sparkline ChartsRequirements:PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Several types of charts design and configuration parameters are used to output HTML that makes the charts appear on a local page by embedding images from the eBCharts service.
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    The SVG language allows for a high degree of control of the output, thus svgGraph is intended to be extended. In order to view the SVG files, a SVG plug-in is required.
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    bm_chart can create an image and render individual data values that appear in the chart image as lines, bars and pie slices.Each value can be rendered with a text label. The value colors and margin distances are configurable. The generated chart images can either be served as the current script output or saved to an image file.
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    Bar and Line Point Chart takes a set of values to present in the chart and generates an image of a given size using the GD library to render the chart graphics.Parameters such as the title, sub-title, horizontal and vertical axis captions, horizontal and vertical scales, can be configured.
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    Some initial parameters need to be parsed to Pie Chart Class constructor. These parameters include the chart diameter, colors, elements and element names.
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