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    The charts are defined as arrays.
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    graph2d is suitable for drawing graphics or functions. It takes some image parameters like the type, sizes, left, right, top, bottom borders, scales for x and y axis, legends, title and two arrays and draws the graphic of a function.Requirements: PHP GD extension
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    SimpleLinearRegression requires JPGraph, which is invoked in the explore.php script, but not included in this package.
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    Histogram class, a class to generate histogram plots and statistics from a given data set. Returns 2 arrays by using the getStats() and getBins() methods.
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    The bars are scaled to fit the specified area. phpBarGraph allows one to have an arbitrary number of bargraphs.phpBarGraph is possible to cycle through colors for each bar. Each bar can have its own color or they can all be the same color. Multiple bar graphs can be placed on one image and the inter-bar spacing is configurable.
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    Bar graphs, line graphs and pie graphs can be generated. The generated charts automatically adjust to the browse window size.The chart elements can be linked to other charts or Web pages.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    HTML Graph maker takes chart parameters and draws bar charts generating HTML that uses image tags to include static images to render chart details.The charts can features a title, graded axis and a legend for each bar.Requirements: PHP 3.0 or higher
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    Equation Operating System does not resort to the PHP eval() function to help prevent security risks of using malicious expression values for instance with a calculator that takes expressions defined by the users.Equation Operating System comes with a sub-class that can produce graphic charts plotting the curve defined by the equation expression withing a given range of x and y ...
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    parametric_diagram_3d takes the x(t),y(t),z(t) functions as parameters.Requirements: PHP
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    phpchartPlus comes with support for FreeType2 fonts.Key Features of phpchartPlus:- Generation of Bar, Line, Area and Pie charts- Gradient color fill- Alpha Blending- Antialiasing- Support for chart data input from multiple sources (TXT Files, XML Files, Databases, PHP Arrays)- Multiple ways of caching the generated imagesRequirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Simple Histogram can draw a graph of bars with the supplied values, with a specified with and height, with optional horizontal and vertical axis scales and labels and the possibility of choosing the colors of the background and the axis labels. The colors of the bars are picked by the class automatically.The PHP GD extension is used to create the ...
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    SVGraph takes a bi-dimensional array of data that defines the name of each group of bars that will appear spaced horizontally, and the values of each bar that define the height of each bar in its group.Several parameters, such as the width and height of the graph, legends titles, the scaling factors and the bar colors, can be configured.Requirements: PHP ...
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    Logo class implements a full-featured interpreter of the Logo programming language. It generates graphical output in the form of a Shockwave Flash movie.
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    The graph can display one or more data sets in user defined colors. The font size, font color background color, spacing between sets of bars, labels, and y-axis tick marks are all set by the user.To use Bar Graph some information needs to be collected, such as the data, labels and the image dimensions. While the thickness and height of ...
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    The colors, size and legends of the chart that get displayed, can be customized. Pie Graph uses the PHP GD2 extension for generating an image of the chart in the PNG format.Requirements: - PHP 3.0 or higher - PHP GD2 extension
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