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    If you've ever designed a web site layout, you know that colors are an important aspect. It's a hassle to continuously change the hex colors, upload the page, then refresh just to see a small change in the colors. Silentum Hex Change can help. By using this simple form, you can input any valid six or three digit hex color, ...
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    class.wwwcheckup.php allows you to keep track of when websites were last updated. It will not tell you what the changes are, but just let you know that it has been changed in some way.You can display the results of hte changes, or all websites listed, in a table which shows when they were last checked and when they were last ...
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    Legacy Files can be used to read, write, change and convert legacy text files, such as those that store records of data delimited by certain text characters.Legacy Files provides functions for reading and write line records iteratively. It can validate the data of the fields of the records of the header, footer or body data.
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