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  1. Web Shell Detector
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    Web Shell Detector is a Web-based tool for identifying PHP shells. Besides PHP, it can also detect Perl CGI, ASP and ASPX shells. It is packed with the script is a file signature database for identifying known shell files. When a suspicious file is detected, the user has the option to submit it for analysis. To access the default installation, ...
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    The command emulates UNIX "tail -f" command for cgi php.
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    Inspired by Perl's CGI module, this set of classes aims to separate the namespaces of GET, POST, and Cookie variables, and to provide a few nice methods as well for doing things like transforming and parsing "search engine friendly" links.
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    PHP Form2Mail is a PHP port of the classical Form2Mail CGI script that allows users to send an email to you via a Web form.
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