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  1. Restrict Categories
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    This is a WordPress plugin to control user access to categories. The admin can set special category access permissions on a per user or per role basis.It can limit users from viewing, adding, and editing categories or one category alone.Requirements:- WordPress 3.0 or HigherWhat's New in This Version:- Update minimum capability to manage_categories- Fix bug where users may see all ...
  2. Multi-Column Taxonomy List
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    This is WordPress plugin for list your categories, tags, or custom taxonomies into multiple, customizable, columns. Usage cases include archive pages, or list with RSS feed for all taxonomy terms.Requirements:- WordPress 3.0 or HigherWhat's New in this version 1.2:- Fixed bug causing extra closing ul to output.- Added new shortcode attribute: number.
  3. A to Z Category Listing
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    This is a WordPress plugin to show an A-to-Z listing of all categories. The listing can be embedded on a page via a template. If needed, the admin can exclude categories from the listing.Requirements:- WordPress 2.6 or Higher What's New in this version 1.2:- Added the Admin interface to Exclude certain Categories from viewing in the A to Z Category ...
  4. No Screenshot
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    PHP Text Classifier can be used to classify text in categories using a naive Bayesian method. First PHP Text Classifier can create a database using sample text to train the classification system. The database is stored in a text file with serialized data. Then PHP Text Classifier can analyze arbitrary texts and use the database created during training to guess ...
  5. No Screenshot
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    The records of categories can be added, updated and deleted. PHP Cat Nested Model Category Class can also retrieve categories under a given category, get top categories, get the largest category and get all categories. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
  6. No Screenshot
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    Written in PHP and Mysql, Flexphplink pro allows you to easily add, edit or delete links to your site. Subcategory link definition is allowed. Easy for internationalization.The front pro can automatically record the traffic. There is also an admin system to create the categories, generate search engine friendly pages and edit inappropriate links. This is also a great resource to ...
  7. No Screenshot
    2185 total visits
    Written in PHP and Mysql, Flexphplink is a link management program to add, edit or delete links to your site.Includes an admin system to create the categories, and edit the links. Low price customization service available.
  8. No Screenshot
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    Unlimited sub-categories can be used to manage categories of content stored in a MySQL that is structured in hierarchies of unlimited depth.The categories hierarchy is stored in a MySQL table that keeps the information about each category including the identifier of its parent category record.Unlimited sub-categories provides functions to add a new category, update, delete and retrieve the details of ...
  9. No Screenshot
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    Category Tree can generate an HTML table with a tree of links to an hierarchical list of items retrieved from MySQL dabatase tables.Category Tree can used to generate hierarchical navigation menus to browse categories of products to display in a site.
  10. No Screenshot
    2021 total visits
    Business directory script that is fully configurable and compatible with the SMARTY template engine.Unlimited category and membership levels. Accept payments through Paypal IPN. 100% localization with a built in language translation system. Radius postal code search. Supports multiple site design templates.
  11. No Screenshot
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    php todolist is a more advanced approach for simple todo lists. It is an ajax/sql-based multi user todolist, with priority, status and categories. You can use it as a bug track / feature request and task manager system within a group of developers.
  12. No Screenshot
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    The main purpose of SimpleNotes is to easily categorize notes, bookmarks, man pages, scripts and other stuff. The script is published under GPL Version 2. The script is written in PHP, the data is stored in MySQL. The installation is trivial. There is a demo on the home page.
  13. No Screenshot
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    COOKDOJO HOME EDITION enables you to manage all your recipes with ease. Adding, editing, printing and searching for recipes is simple and fast. You can make your own ebook. Features of COOKDOJO HOME EDITION:- Web Based; - Add / Remove Recipe Category; - Add / Remove Recipe in Category; - Search recipe in title, ingredient, method; - Export to E-book ...
  14. No Screenshot
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    phpHoo3 is a Yahoo-like link management system. Its password protected administration mode allows you to: - Approve, delete and edit new link suggestions,- Disapprove and edit existing links, - Add new categories. Features of phpHoo3: - automatic email on new links, - improved security, - simple template for html changes, - supports php3 and php 4.
  15. BungeeBones Category and Link Repository
    1858 total visits
    BungeeBones Category and Link Repository provides a web directory for your website visitors and comes complete with categories, links, and management that reviews every new website added so you can just install it and sit back and relax! BungeeBones Category and Link Repository works similar to Adsense ads but instead of posting a few links along side your web content ...
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