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  1. Best Buy Service Remix
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    This is a PHP library for making calls to Best Buy's Remix API. The Remix API allows developers full access to the bestbuy.com product catalog and its subsequent metadata.The library can be a good starting point for Best Buy affiliate program sites.What's New in this version:- Updated URI build method to use unescaped ampersands.
  2. NoticeBoardPro
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    NoticeBoardPro is an online, web-based, notice/bulletin board system that lets you advertise, for example: a room to rent, a car for sale, a house for sale, an upcoming event, a service, and so on.This is a PHP & MySQL product catalog, it will allow users to register and add items to catelog, with support for image uploads, prices, categories and ...
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    eCatalog - Professional Edition is web / multimedia CD catalog software for both business as well personal album. A Business Enterprise can build category driven product catalog with highly customizable styles, user defined language and powerful features, without any technical skills. Catalog contain power search, categorized navigation, thumbnail viewing, shopping cart with payment gateway.
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    Data Displayer is meant to display arbitrary data or data from database query result in various formats such as reports, grids and catalogs. Data Displayer is suitable for generating catalog products (shopping chart).Features of Data Displayer:- Pagination of long listings of data- Convert URLs into HTML links- Convert image strings to HTML image tags- Add other types of page elements ...
  5. No Screenshot
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    Library to work with Open Catalog Format XML Dictionary. Parsing OCF to work with tree-like menus.
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    Basic message Catalog utility for php, provides a basic way to generate multiple languages scripts.
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    EIC allows you to generate a thumbnail site with different galleries just by uploading the pictures. The display is full customizable via templates. Users can browse the galleries (hits are tracked), search on the whole site and add comments to each image. The owner can add descriptions and titles for each gallery and images. Thumbnails are generated via gd_lib, support ...
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