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    Thanks to the cascading nature of CSS, a simple font-size percentage can be included in the head of any page to facilite this text resizer. No other style attribute will be disturbed, with the exception of the body's font size. To use Text Resizer, instantiate the class on any page, call ProcessTextReset(), and reset the text size by passing query ...
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    Scripts for image rollovers and menu pop-ups are automatically created along with links. An infinite number of menu levels can be built.
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    Scripts for image rollovers and menu pop-ups are automatically created along with links. An infinite number of menu levels are allowed.
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    JavaScript is being used for updating the second input options according to the changes performed on the first one.Cascade Select comes with an example that defines the options for both input from data defined by arrays, and also an example that retrieves the options values from MySQL database query results.
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    Cascade Dropdown 3 Levels uses data returned from MySQL query results as values for the options of the select inputs. It can set the select input options with values from three hardcoded tables: type, brand and model.Cascade Dropdown 3 Levels generates the necessary HTML and Javascript code to make the select input options be updated when the parent input is ...
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    When the page needs to be reloaded it is not pleasant for the users to wait until the page reload is complete, especially when their Internet to the server is slow.So what Cascade Drop Down does is to generate Javascript code dynamically by fetching the select input option values from a database table and switch them when the user changes ...
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    CSS Tree Class can be used to parse Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and build a tree data structure that can traversed programatically.CSS Tree Classcan parse CSS data from files or text strings. It builds an hierarchy of style nodes. It can also output styles for tags, HTML style tag definitions or to a given file.
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    Cascade Select Associative generates two HTML form select type inputs making the currently selected value on the first input determine the option values that are made available on the second.It is an enhanced version of the original class developed by Vedanta Barooah. It provides means to the define the list of dependent option values as associative arrays.Cascade Select Associative also ...
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    N-Tier Client side Cascading select generates HTML for an unlimited series of dependent select inputs. The class can generate one select input and the dependent select inputs can be generated also by other objects of this class or not.The objective was to produce a relatively intuitive interface to creating unlimited (N-Tier) cascading selects, with smart client side code (Javascript) to ...
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